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melfie: That's no way to respond asa-tan
melfie: 04/10/18
asa-chan: sure it is~ 10/11/18
xessy: I think the group retired or moved on a long time ago. I personally have not done anything except pay for this site for like the last 10 years. 10/26/18
melfie: Yeah the chat box is really all that remains. I keep it up for nostalgia sake.
melfie: I renewed it again XD
melfie: @Korokun I hope you see this. I am looking forward to you coming back to the community as an active subber!
asa-tan: thanks for the renewal melfie <3
floatingsunfish: @Korokun Looking forward to m33w making a comeback as well. Hopefully you guys can also work on the remaining Mitsudomoe Drama CD tracks someday. :)
xessy: The m33w-fansubs.com domain has been renewed again for another year. Though this might be the final time as stuff here has really come to a standstill.
xessy: Can't believe this place has been around for like 13 years already. June 23 2019
Jigsy: Simply popped in to see if this place still existed. I really miss the mid 00s when lots of groups existed.
asagao: mya~
Zom: 07/19/19: I miss this site/community. Fond memories, particularly the times of M;Y and SD/boat release. I hope you're still around when I return next. =)
Guest: Found this site looking for better quality version of a release, but torrent is dead, and forums is full of bots, probably just a haunted spot
asagao: yeah guest, you might check the IRC channel if that still exists
Nitcher: time sure flies
Nitcher: almost took me a year to check this chat again D:
Nitcher: 29-aug-2019
Nitcher: @asagao when are we gonna sub something together?
donkie737: This site has been sitting in my bookmarks for about 11 (I think) years now... haha... I can never bring myself to remove it... I'll probably just make an annual visit here until the site disappears
donkie737: Or the robots wipe us all out.
asagao: nitch, when I'm less bu-- lazy*
asagao: I haven't even watched an anime this year
asagao: I'm really enjoying the manga, "Dame na watashi ni koishite kudasai" (finished the main story, reading "R" now)
D: Hello, I'm sorry for troubling you guys.
D: But, may I ask something?
D: Do you guys still have the files for Hime-sama Goyoujin?
D: I really want to watch the anime with the translation from m.3.3.w version, but I can't find them anywhere.
D: If you guys upload them on Nyaa, I would seed them as long as possible.
Toru Koroshi: Asagao if you're still around email me at pcclark2018 at gmail dot com or the contact above to see if I can't purge some old files from you if you have them.
Toru Koroshi: Yes, this is Korokun, just forgot my user name so it's whatever.
Toru Koroshi: As for the site itself I still have plans for it, i'm sure a major overhaul is due
Miki: speaking of overhaul, old posts could be updated with dead nyaatorrents links with domain Nyaa.si. You might wanna import releases to Anidex as backup as well (future isn't if Nyaa taught anything)
Miki: ~Happy new year~
melfie: WOW it's been over a year since I last stopped in. Hopefully this is still live
melfie: I just found a LOT of older anime DLs I had on an offline drive
melfie: I'll seperate the m33w stuff so if any of you want something you can email me at 1234asdf020 at gmail dot com I don't check this email everyday so it might take a little for me to get back to you
melfie: as of now I can confirm I have these
melfie: Getsumen, Ano Hana, Chaos Head, Kimi ni Todoke Season 2, MM!, Working!!
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