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melfie: Oh the person's name... I'm dumb
melfie: 06/13/18
donkie737: Oh, the site is still here. :)
donkie737: Ah what memories...
xess: Oh gosh, people are still typing messages here. I couldn't find any of the images, even from google.
xess: And thanks for renewing the cbox, amazing
xess: june 30 2018
Asa-chan: Oh hey xess. <3
melfie: This box will always live!
melfie: Holy shit donkie showed up here.
melfie: 07/06/18
Asa-chan: Hey druid, if you see this, been thinking about you. Hope your family is doing well.
melfie: Asa-tan must hate me I hardly ever get a hello from him here.
Asa-chan: True
melfie: Nooooooooo :(
melfie: 07/26/18
Hana: this site is dead? are the group still working???
melfie: Site is live but group has disbanded. I don't recall if there was ever an official announcement or not. You can probably take this as official seem I am probably the most active person in cbox now.
melfie: And the closest thing you will likely see to any sort of staff, I only pay for the cbox to stay live.
Nitcher: Melfie weuw, i thought this site was dead like 4 years ago
Nitcher: 03-sep-18
melfie: It was but there has never been an official announcement that I am aware of. We all just knew it was dead.
melfie: 03/09/19
asa-chan: :(
melfie: Agreed Asa-tan :(
melfie: 08/09/18
Hana: well too bad cuz I cant seem to fine their work alive on any site!
Hana: wanted the kimi no todoke s2 480p but no where to be found
melfie: I am in the process of moving but I have(?) an archive somewhere of all the m33w releases. It won't be any time aoon but if/when I find it I'll post a message on here and which tracker I used.
melfie: 09/09/18
asa-chan: o o f
melfie: That's no way to respond asa-tan
melfie: 04/10/18
asa-chan: sure it is~ 10/11/18
xessy: I think the group retired or moved on a long time ago. I personally have not done anything except pay for this site for like the last 10 years. 10/26/18
melfie: Yeah the chat box is really all that remains. I keep it up for nostalgia sake.
melfie: I renewed it again XD
melfie: @Korokun I hope you see this. I am looking forward to you coming back to the community as an active subber!
asa-tan: thanks for the renewal melfie <3
floatingsunfish: @Korokun Looking forward to m33w making a comeback as well. Hopefully you guys can also work on the remaining Mitsudomoe Drama CD tracks someday. :)
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