10 Feb 11, 19:03
ThebloggingIdea: CoolZ Dudes visit me Back
25 Nov 09, 01:46
Vivian: Hi! Rmb me? I'm Poh fren! :D U got facebook?
25 Mar 08, 12:02
XJ:: huh? real ma?I thot was messy.. esp the 1st show - cos it was a last minute change and we only practised twice But i like the show la, I enjoyed acting with the casts in that show - funny people.
24 Mar 08, 23:16
pk: wow, doing two lead roles in one night! steady lah xj. You did well in both show, congratulation!
12 Jul 07, 08:52
juanjuan: aiyo,,, ah zai ssoooooooo cute oh!!
5 Mar 07, 00:11
Juanjuan: i think some thing is wrong with the blog.... how come entry not updated a??
3 Feb 07, 08:56
amai: tot I saw u hv some latest collections to show!!!! Blog it up leh
26 Jan 07, 15:51
amai: hahaha...how abt that hana kimi show?
18 Jan 07, 11:46
juanjuan: My colleagues are mad! Now 8-10 women/ladies talking abt that "jin zhi yu nie" show! Haha.. watch TV also can bring distant closer!
6 Jan 07, 23:25
amai: Yeah, no age boundary cos I am also a wawasheng. ^^
6 Jan 07, 11:11
juanjuan: actually thats one cute thing abt acting... no age distinction for roles
5 Jan 07, 01:39
AC: Aiyo what too young for laosheng? Don't forget I've always been a laosheng, only at times "calefe" as xiaosheng and clown!
1 Jan 07, 10:27
juanjuan: No la No la, mx is too young for lao sheng. Mai dearie, i wont take on may mummy roles from now la. I also scare act too much mummy roles will make me very 38! will revert to missy and maidee roles
29 Dec 06, 19:35
pk: mx, i thought u did some laosheng role before, you two can be rather matching yozz...hahaha
28 Dec 06, 16:51
juanjuan: haha...
26 Dec 06, 22:54
amai: dun u encourage her to act laodan yozz...I am still not that old yet to be a laosheng to match her okie...
24 Dec 06, 11:39
juanjuan: we had 3 more shows comin up before we end our North west series of shows.... Must come support also k!
24 Dec 06, 11:38
juanjuan: yes, u r right ~ its really fun to try different roles... This role is indeed more fun-laughing. i never had chance to act such role, so it was a learning experience for me. Glad u enjoy our show!
24 Dec 06, 11:24
pk: You brought up alot of laughters and light moment for the show lastnight. Xiuying's mum in law is a very important role in this show. Well done xj
24 Dec 06, 11:21
pk: The crowd whcih turnup for lastnite was very encouraging. Congratulation! Of course you want to be sweet and cute cos you re not old at all mah! It is a big challenge to be able to do different role.
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