1 Sep 07, 00:13
AnCorp: Hey guyz, my new site: http://xxx.picsnao.com
7 Sep 06, 11:31
gavin: yeah. the best way is to contact me through klpac. frankenstein is my last show for the year. i won't be casting anything else till early next year.
6 Sep 06, 23:38
Princess: So if people are interested for audition, do they contact you?
6 Sep 06, 13:28
gavin: also i ask around, to see if people are interested.
6 Sep 06, 13:26
gavin: i usually put the word out through friends and i keep a look out for people that i think might have something to offer. i'm not too concerned with experience cos it doesn't guarantee anything.
6 Sep 06, 04:39
Princess: Hey Gavin, just curious how do ppl get to audition for your play?
25 Aug 06, 18:07
Drey: I enjoyed Endgame!! It was a brill!!! Well done, Gavin!! Oh and Lips.. you promise we could go watch Frankenstein in love yaah!! I can't wait!! ^_^
12 Aug 06, 20:15
sweat: u are directing frankenstein too gavin? if i do watch it i better get you to take a pic with me, no matter what. bah not gonna be dejected schlgirl again.
11 Aug 06, 17:39
anonymous: hi there gavin ~ u're crazy busy, man...what happened to that dive holiday?
11 Aug 06, 10:38
Princess: Oh awesome!!Who will be in the next play? can't wait for it ;)
10 Aug 06, 18:33
Astrick: Looking forward to the next play. better book my tix so I can fly over to watch it :biggrin:
10 Aug 06, 16:04
gavin: frankenstein will play from the 27th of october till 3rd november in pentas 1.
9 Aug 06, 21:58
Princess: When will the frankenstin in love be showing?
9 Aug 06, 15:11
gavin: just kidding:) i'll be posting a production post mortem in a day or so. been busy casting frankenstein in love, which is going to be kick ass!!
9 Aug 06, 15:10
gavin: what fucking unmentionables??!! ma hai, i stay way from the oil drums out of respect and you two buggers are busy having a bloody party is it??
9 Aug 06, 01:35
reuben: HA! good thinking sweat... Kelvin, why don't you tell everyone what u REALLY did under there the whole time....
9 Aug 06, 00:39
kelvin: t'was me and nani. we had pillows, food, drink and a few unmentionables (nanti gavin mara, hehe). tunnel? ha, we wish. we were there like in the ashbins the entire time.
8 Aug 06, 17:22
sweat: oh i think it was kelvin?
8 Aug 06, 17:22
sweat: eh wht did sharifah and alvin did when they were in the bin? damn curious. was there like a tunnel that linked it backstage?
8 Aug 06, 15:36
C: yeay. i die happy tonight.
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