14 Feb 10, 19:09
Fainaru: Myspace has been pretty dead, Twitter's taken over... it's so sad :(
14 Feb 10, 19:09
Fainaru: Aw, thank you very much Azura :D I was surpised to see a comment on here! :) Same with you Miya!
5 Feb 10, 17:48
Azura: Now that I've gotten over MS's provided layouts, I'm coming back to Fainaru's gorgeous little boxes! ^_^
5 Feb 10, 17:47
Azura: Wanted to comment on CreateBlog, had to be logged in. My bf's had Remember for years, and I used to use Metamorphosis.
9 May 09, 20:00
Miya: Oh, sorry about that. :s
9 May 09, 19:58
Miya: Ehm. Not to be annoying or anything, but you used to have some pretty spiffy Myspaece layouts. Do you no longer do those? o.o I can't seem to find them anywhere. Just checking, thanks! <3
10 Jan 09, 19:16
palestine: palestine
6 Dec 08, 20:00
Elaine: haha, yes yes, i tried to contact you before, but your comment-thing was, and still is down. Hopefully you'll see this msg soon :)
16 Nov 08, 13:30
Fainaru: Guys, sorry the request line is now closed. :( I don't have time to keep up with this page anymore, but this page will remain since the site is now static.
27 Oct 08, 08:42
1212: :nervous:
27 Oct 08, 08:39
1212: 545
27 Oct 08, 08:39
1212: 10211
8 Oct 08, 00:23
thailee: or I Love Pandas.
8 Oct 08, 00:23
thailee: hey can u make one that says PANDAS
29 Aug 08, 19:53
Carmen: heey can you make me one of those ;D thanks it called princess(L)
24 Aug 08, 16:33
LiamFFC: maybe with a ffc logo? :nuts:
24 Aug 08, 16:32
LiamFFC: hi, i would love a black corner banner with white writing saying FULHAM FC FAN thanks in advance :biggrin:
15 Aug 08, 18:11
AMBERR: hey, i would really appreciate it if you could make me a black banner with "IWWOH.FJSWB.ISBIL" and then a red heart after that. Thank you so much. ur the best ever. :biggrin:
11 Aug 08, 00:20
soOhyphyy: hey hey. think you can make me one that says ( iHOP-"ness" ) thnk you very much :)
30 Jul 08, 13:49
kelly: RAWR
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