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27 May 13, 10:33
Aneko: Thank you!!! :D
22 May 13, 11:39
Ruina: Fixed! I'm so sorry for the trouble, I have no idea why they were broken... but they're all back up now. Enjoy~ :3
20 May 13, 00:42
Aneko: I'm sad--I was trying to listen to the voice acting section of the gallery, but all the links are broken. :cry: Any chance you have any other way to hear them?
15 Feb 13, 19:56
Ruina: Happy belated Valentine's Day! Eynord is back to terrorize the day once again:
28 Jan 13, 11:16
Ruina: Yeah... I never got very many pages done. Sorry for the wait! :(
27 Jan 13, 13:55
kylie: The only problem is that i read so fast i always get to the end and start begging for more. Hope things pick up soon i cant wait!! :-) :-)
24 Jan 13, 22:23
Ruina: Thank you! :) I ink the pages traditionally on paper, but everything digital is made using Photoshop CS.
24 Jan 13, 04:19
Smileys: Hello there :D I just found this website and just finished reading the manga :3 It's really awesome :) Please do more xD and may I ask.. what kind of software are you using? The color and effects are amazing :3
24 Dec 12, 17:10
Ruina: Thank you! :) And I'm so sorry for the hiatus! I really hope to manage my schedule better to make time for pages in 2013! Happy Holidays everyone~ :heart:
24 Dec 12, 01:01
Kylie: This comic is amazing!!! :-) :-) I look foward to updates
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