13 Jul 08, 10:40
Patty: Home Depot and Lowes has it, its called 3/4 inch tongue and groove plywood. It comes in 5/8 inch too
13 Jul 08, 09:27
Mrs. V.: Patty, can you tell me where plywood decking can be purchased? We are not sure where to start looking. Thanks~~
12 Jul 08, 18:03
Patty: http://morningramble.blogspot.com/2007/10/steady-flow-of-simple-pleasures.html
12 Jul 08, 18:03
Patty: http://morningramble.blogspot.com/2007/11/sometimes-its-just-way-sun-shines-in.html
12 Jul 08, 18:01
Patty: if you do a search on my blog for simple floors you come up with several pictures too
12 Jul 08, 18:01
Patty: Christi, here is the link http://morningramble.blogspot.com/2007/10/simple-floors.html
12 Jul 08, 17:19
Christi: Hey Patty...I can't find your post on your and your son's floors...where is it.
8 Jul 08, 09:51
debra: oh, that is a good idea.. thanks!
7 Jul 08, 21:05
Patty: pineapple syrup for pancakes is good too ~
7 Jul 08, 20:20
debra: I love watermelon juice. We just got over 100 pineapples- so will be having pineapple juice!
6 Jul 08, 15:55
Patty: Welcome to Texas Dawn !!!!
6 Jul 08, 10:08
Lisa: Love the spa ideas! Thanks for posting those. I get massages at a local massage school for very cheap and this will be a great compliment to that!
5 Jul 08, 22:26
Dawn: Yooohooo..Patty...guess who's in Texas????? :-)
5 Jul 08, 13:25
Dana: thanks Patty! I thought you'd know something green to try!
5 Jul 08, 11:08
Patty: Hi Dana, you can make a tea of tobacco and water and spray on the plant, it keeps the bugs away. Beatiful blooms !
5 Jul 08, 10:57
Dana: Hi Patty, My hibiscus bloomed just in time for the 4th of July! I posted a pic along with a pest that's been chewing. Do you have advice for the pest?
2 Jul 08, 14:52
Patty: Thank you Beth...That dessert is a favorite of ours as well.
2 Jul 08, 12:07
Beth: Patty, I wanted to thank you for your blog! I enjoy it so much! My family's favorite dessert is your Amish Pudding, they can't get enough of it. I have made it several times and always think of you!
1 Jul 08, 11:54
pet articles: nice blog!
30 Jun 08, 21:34
Patty: Hi Heather, I sure do...as you might have guessed I love taking photos
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