4 Nov 13, 03:20
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18 Sep 07, 00:43
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9 Nov 06, 05:30
ashrahm: i'll "race mix" if i want to, *****
9 Nov 06, 05:05
Marla: You are a wimp
9 Nov 06, 05:05
shiloh: it moight be he doesnt want to race-mix...sorry
8 Nov 06, 21:00
jologs_jaja: aba. nauuso na naman ang mga test (^_^)
10 Oct 06, 06:43
gummy: im horny you're horny we're horny
22 Aug 06, 19:59
me: i miss us
22 Aug 06, 19:58
me: u can talk to S or K for the all the juice :) love you
22 Aug 06, 19:57
me: I am here if u need to talk about the root of the herpes. you are missing sooo soo much and i can't help but think about how the distraction might help in someway. If u don't want to be updated from m
22 Aug 06, 19:56
me: done. but i trust that when it comes to "the day" you will show yourself and put all this behind us. I will not even bring it up. so u need not aorry about "fixing" anything. and for all that its wort
25 Jun 06, 12:44
tam: shh