20 Feb 10, 10:23
viewer: Hi. I am having a problem to edit the ''summer'' blogskin. Would you kindly help me?
28 Jan 09, 14:01
kimmei: hey! i like ur blogskins....do come out with more =)
6 Sep 08, 17:05
Elea: nice skins! =)
10 Jun 08, 21:12
admin: This should solve most people's problems if you find errors in the codes. Cheers!
10 Jun 08, 21:11
admin: Thanks ZH for pointing giving the solution for iblogskin users! (: "well, click "revert to classic template" then paste the codes"
10 Jun 08, 21:08
admin-shuhuii: we'll be coming up with more skins very soon, do check back again! (:
10 Jun 08, 21:08
admin-manoshij: If you're a blogspot user, simply paste the code under 'templates'. (:
10 Jun 08, 21:07
admin-sau: and not try to paste the codes to a new layout. hope this helps you!
10 Jun 08, 21:06
admin-sau: Hi, I couldn't find any errors with the style sheet. I did find out that if you're using blogspot, you can only copy and paste the codes if you edit the previous template you were using.
15 May 08, 18:16
sau: somehow it experienced an error when i tried to paste the template of girl with umbrella:( such pity cuz it was such a pretty template!! :(
19 Apr 08, 21:48
manoshij: how to implement a new skin to my blog, where to paste the code? and how to change the template?
13 Apr 08, 17:38
shuhuii :): are there more skins available??
21 Mar 08, 17:07
J: hey, can u guys make more skins which are not so feminine, so that guys can use em too? Thanks
11 Mar 08, 03:40
ira: im a volcom star freak.And a volcom stone freak.May you can made one for me on those.
20 Feb 08, 16:56
ZX-lene: =)*
20 Feb 08, 16:56
ZX-lene: well, click "revert to classic template" then paste the codes =
17 Feb 08, 15:29
cristy: could you make me a blogskin that has the colour red in it and has a very nature kinda look. thanks
7 Feb 08, 15:36
Yan: Need help, this is my first time im having problems with Nature-> Twinkle stars template please help me
18 Jan 08, 13:51
lene: is there an error somewhere? sorry i'm quite new in this...
18 Jan 08, 13:50
lene: XML error message: The element type "meta" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "".
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