23 Mar 18, 04:51
Lou: Thank you so much for keeping this site up, it's good to come back and recharge the batteries. Sad to see Nocturnal Light has gone
27 Jan 18, 00:42
Mikkalenko: @Mikkalenko
27 Jan 18, 00:42
Mikkalenko: @Mikkalenko
27 Jan 18, 00:41
Mikkalenko: So many amazing stories. So many promised sequels. So much potential left untapped. Please come back Jack. <3
22 Oct 17, 09:25
Kimmysue: I saw the note from Jack and please let her know we all still love her and miss her...and we love you too, Tasha
22 Oct 17, 09:24
Kimmysue: Jack and Hollydb are the two I always read when needing Buffy and Spike...
22 Oct 17, 09:23
Kimmysue: Come back to you and a few others every year...Tasha, thank you for what you do and have you thought of archiving at Ao3? They take in sites at Open Doors so this website won’t be lost
22 Oct 17, 09:21
Kimmysue: Jack you and I used to chat when I was in California...I have loved your stories for years and downloaded all of them from Elysian to never lose them. I read very little in this fandom but always
11 Oct 17, 22:39
Melissa: I could help with compiling them and saving you from purchasing every year. I've been epubing the stories in case this does happen. Just a suggestion in case ;-)
11 Oct 17, 22:36
Melissa: Hi! Read your unsure if you can keep the sites up. If you need some help this might be another option: either Livejournal, wordpress, or blogger might work to help with the domains
20 May 17, 22:53
Amelia: Always happy to be able to come back and re-read these stories!! Thank you for keeping the site going Tasha!
14 Apr 17, 17:23
Mikkalenko: Just found this site after re-reading paradox. i was hoping to find the sequel or the ending to Second Chance. :( come back jack. Guess I'll just go reread trust and a penny for
24 Mar 17, 05:55
16 Mar 17, 04:33
~*~Tasha~*~: I posted a link to Jack's Beauty and the Beast _ Spuffy Style in the news section ... in honor of this weekend's new movie release. Enjoy everyone!@
16 Mar 17, 02:21
~*~Tasha~*~: They are awesome stories. I reread them several times a year myself. I hate how so many sites have disappeared. I don't want that to happen here.
16 Mar 17, 02:20
~*~Tasha~*~: I want to say thank you to everyone that does keep checking back for Jack's stories. That's the main reason I keep paying for everything. I hate to see people lose out on being able to reread these.
16 Mar 17, 02:20
~*~Tasha~*~: NMCIL - If people are interested in donating, I have a Paypal account that I could give folks a link to. I don't want to just posit if here though.
16 Mar 17, 02:19
~*~Tasha~*~: Thank you to eveyrone that has been inquiring about Jack. Unfortunately I haven't heard anything from her in probably 2 years. I try to keep this site going for everyone
16 Feb 17, 15:54
Kimmysue: Jack it has been a while but you are never forgotten and always missed by those who love you and your stories...please come back and let us know you are ok...please
16 Feb 17, 15:49
Kimmysue: Tasha, have you heard anything from Jack at all lately? I come here to read and downloaded all jacks stories at EF in case that site goes down...is she ok?
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