25 Oct 11, 22:34
Thai Girl Online: Hohoho I read your blog. i wish you can visit mine too
25 Oct 11, 17:23
Sexy Korean Girl: I need you to helps me
30 Sep 11, 10:57
Ozawa Girl: Hi, your blog look nice and great info. i wish you can visit mine too
22 Aug 11, 16:28
Brad Pitt: Please tell me is that blogwalking is Rock.i wish you can visit mine too
2 Feb 11, 15:05
rw: sfsdfdfs
16 Jul 09, 23:47
c: What is happening with your blog? I thought you would have now soooo much time....
4 Feb 09, 22:14
fab: dude, 'gorod' means 'city' not 'street'. lookin 4ward to get back there!
8 Jan 09, 01:29
Prestige: SQ beats LX in any 3 cabins. Fully agree!
10 Dec 08, 10:51
HDH: Et en plus un vin chaud qui se prépare...
10 Dec 08, 02:22
14 Oct 08, 21:26
dude: and i thought that I needed a lot of novacaine when I went to the dentist... btw: if you are quite resistent to alcool, so are you to novacaine, in my case: BUMMER
14 Oct 08, 21:25
dude: http://edition.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/10/14/toofat.execution/index.html
17 Sep 08, 15:25
M.: Vous êtes tous tellement chic... Easyjet is the best airline in the world... Si tu prends l'option speedy Boarding, tu peux te mettre à la rangée n°1... Essaie de faire ça chez Singapour/Emirates :-)
17 Sep 08, 03:51
Schlitzi: Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world... stuff Emirates...
15 Sep 08, 22:59
Lam: plaisir de vous retrouver les filles
13 Sep 08, 15:44
L: Welcome back to ZH baby!
14 May 08, 11:34
M.: D'abord on s'enfile?
13 May 08, 21:56
dude: des milliards de....
25 Mar 08, 20:22
P: MB? Mark? Michi? Marie-France? Marco? Quelle est ton identité vraie? Je suis un peu torturé... ;-) P
17 Mar 08, 15:45
MB: eh ben toi t'es vraiment un philosophe ca fait peur...
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