24 Apr 08, 23:31
Mr. G: Man, I got a lot of catching up to do with this comic.
11 Jun 07, 09:44
Warren: Thanks! Good to be back. :)
8 Jun 07, 23:27
Rose: Glad you're baack!
16 Feb 07, 14:17
Warren: It's all good... another unintentional line found by a reader... ;)
14 Feb 07, 12:45
rkolter: "That sounds like a load". When Warren talked about a lightning rod, I immediately thought about a transformer under a voltage load. *doh*
30 Jan 07, 06:46
Warren: That one wasn't actually a scenario I'd considered... though if it's what happened in YOUR mind, it's all cool. :)
29 Jan 07, 17:14
MnM: Haha... our minds went straight to man-sex. XD XD
29 Jan 07, 10:24
Warren: That one was scaring some people a little bit.
27 Jan 07, 12:41
MnM: :D :D
10 Jan 07, 11:54
MnM: This makes us worry... :nervous: :nervous:
29 Dec 06, 20:32
Crystal: Hey everyone...
28 Nov 06, 14:14
rkolter: *pats Michelle on the shoulder* There there... our loved ones always surprise us.
22 Nov 06, 13:43
Warren: The shocking things are always the worst! Hopefully you don't let her cook much. ;)
21 Nov 06, 14:51
Michelle(ofMnM): I learned something about Maria today that I hoped I would never have to learn about her... She didn't see anything wrong with the idea of defrosting a turkey in a microwave... :nervous:
20 Nov 06, 09:30
Warren: "Dan" is now "disappeared!" Wheee! I love admin tools!
17 Nov 06, 13:36
rkolter: That's Dan folks, give him a hand! *polite applause* Dan comes to us on loan from the Missouri Correctional Institute, where he's incarcerated for being sexually promiscuous with underage goats.
1 Aug 06, 10:27
Warren: I wouldn't call it "fun"... ;)
31 Jul 06, 03:01
J G: Last minute schoolwork is fun... all that extra stress gets the creative juices flowin'! :D
10 Jul 06, 22:23
Warren: Yep. I've got one elsewhere and they work just dandy. They go back for a while!
10 Jul 06, 09:36
rkolter: So is this the free version of the Cbox Warren?
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