26 May 07, 23:17
Penguin Overlord: i do not think any of the text previous to this one will show up on the new site
26 May 07, 23:10
Penguin Overlord: PS i am going to attmep to move this chat box to the new site, but i dont know if it will save all the posts made
26 May 07, 23:09
Penguin Overlord: so "leader of penguin military"....i dont suppose u have a website, or any other mean sof proving your statments are valid.....
26 May 07, 23:08
Penguin Overlord: sorry about my extended absence, i was doing a lot of work on the new site layout
25 May 07, 06:36
LeaderofPenguin Miliary: also my organization is the PMOW(penguin military of the world) since penguins dont all come from antartica they are all around the world
25 May 07, 06:35
LeaderofPenguin Miliary: if i come back on June 2nd and see no message the deal is off.
25 May 07, 06:33
LeaderofPenguin Miliary: I wanted to lend you 20,000 of my trained penguins they can assist you in many things including taking over Austrailia, and the Philipines
25 May 07, 06:31
LeaderofPenguin Miliary: my penguins own
25 May 07, 06:31
LeaderofPenguin Miliary: hellio
25 May 07, 06:31
LeaderofPenguin Miliary: this army is small compared to mine i have 2billion adaveanced military trained penguins that have weapons humans cant even think of (but do dream of) but you know what I mean (1000=100000
26 Apr 07, 21:43
kate: hello
26 Apr 07, 21:43
kate: and is anyone there
26 Apr 07, 21:43
kate: brb
26 Apr 07, 21:42
kate: :flaming: :thebox: :heart: :cry: :furious: :nervous: :x :| :aghast: :aggrieved: :( :/ :zonked: :nuts: :o :quizzical: :roll: :tired: :cyclops: :confused: ;) :P :lol: :) :biggrin: :cool: :D :glad:
26 Apr 07, 21:41
kate: hey whats ^?
5 Apr 07, 11:43
QueenofthePenguins: I wish all the penguins could be under my wise leadership!! I would treat them with the respect and luxury they deserve, while all they have to do is let me assist them in their concuring of the world
9 Jan 07, 18:49
Zell298: ooo, you got burned! Twice!
9 Jan 07, 16:15
Penguin Overlord: Also, learn to spell penguin....there is no e at the end
9 Jan 07, 16:14
Penguin Overlord: Yes rock dude, that would be the whole purpose of this website
6 Jan 07, 22:09
Zell298: ok... I have no idea what Pyro Wolf is talking about, as for rock dude please read something and you might learn what the Penguin military is...
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