27 Jan 13, 20:56
fieza: rumah ala2 korea? singgah la blog saya ye :)
17 Jan 13, 09:32
arang: peminat nikon leh datang blog saya :D
12 Jan 13, 22:35
abg walit: singgah sini :) abg nak cerita pasal burung walit datang la ye :D
3 Jan 13, 18:40
JualanMurahDotCom: Jual beli dan iklan secara percuma. Dapatkan kredit berjumlah RM99 jika daftar pada bulan ini!
23 Dec 12, 20:23
miss sofia: nice blog ;) singgah ke blog saya! :-)
9 Feb 11, 09:17
ThebloggingIdea: Your Blog is Beautiful
15 Sep 10, 12:21
drew [janice]: hi sorry for the late reply. but i dont have the music score. sorry :)
31 Aug 10, 11:44
janice: Hello Andrew, I was trying to find the chords for new song in my heart and ur blog came up on google. Did u by any chance download the music score when u downloaded the music?
28 Feb 10, 09:38
genius: changed url. themidgetandroses. hhahaha
6 Jan 10, 20:23
jane_gun: yay, you updated!! and yes, i follow your blog faithfully... ;)
5 Jan 10, 11:22
drew: eh really? one faithful reader haha... i guess i shld wirite a post on new year
30 Dec 09, 10:28
jane_gun: haha, in response to your xmas post, i AM still reading your blog, lol... la, surely you have time to update? even i update my blog from time to time, hehe...
30 Nov 09, 23:27
jenn: we should have a bs outing! think most of us are back
28 Nov 09, 15:33
joRd: u got wear ur cosplay stuff too??
28 Nov 09, 14:56
joRd: pillow is wet* haha! awwwwwwwwwwwWwWww
26 Nov 09, 23:07
jane_gun: *cont'd* my blog posts and i'll receive a notification about it... ;)
26 Nov 09, 23:07
jane_gun: i took off the tagboard d - too much spam! the one you're seeing is for auto chat if i'm online on msn - if i'm offline, then you can't type anything.. but you can still leave a comment on any of *tbc
26 Nov 09, 01:45
kchan: DREEEEEW DUN CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! kchan give u tissue
25 Nov 09, 01:22
drew: haha jenn... i am doing fine. trying to upload cosplay pics right now.
25 Nov 09, 01:21
drew: wah jane... spam! haha... yea its a good song. cant wait to sing it again in church. btw how come ur blog cannot write on tagboard?
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