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23 Sep 14, 17:01
Orange: Replied! :)
23 Sep 14, 17:16
Admin: Replied as well. May do another 1-3 but have to make dinner soon :p
23 Sep 14, 17:49
Orange: That's fine! Just whenever you can. :)
23 Sep 14, 17:52
Admin: posted now off to do dinner and a movie. :) If i dont post again tonight i will tomorrow :3
23 Sep 14, 18:02
Orange: Alrighty! :3
27 Sep 14, 15:48
Admin: He Orange I will post tomorrow I have a lot on my plate today. Tomorrow is questionable too but. I'll let you know.
28 Sep 14, 19:31
Orange: Okay! :)
1 Oct 14, 17:51
Orange: Hope everything's going good' ;3
3 Oct 14, 17:01
Admin: Posted ^^ woot sorry it took me x-x
6 Oct 14, 12:14
Orange: Posted! Don't worry, it's fine. :)
24 Oct 14, 20:14
Orange: I'm posting here because it's easier than messaging everybody, but I wanted to apologize for just kind of disappearing.
24 Oct 14, 20:15
Orange: I've had some serious issues come up ecently, but I should be back starting these next few days.
13 Nov 14, 15:20
Admin: That's fine hun. I do the same because of work and school
23 Nov 14, 14:12
Admin: did post though in case you were wondering :3 I found time woot
28 Nov 14, 22:02
Orange: Reposting now! Sory for the absence. Hopefully I can post more often now.
24 Apr 15, 15:47
Admin: it is fine. I have been super busy with scool and 2 jobs.
16 Jun 15, 17:02
orange: Hey! Haven't been on here in forever. Hopefully I'll be able to post more regularly now, I apologize for the absence. I replied to both of our RP's. Sorry if they were a bit short. I had to refresh my
16 Jun 15, 17:03
orange: memory, haha. I missed you guys.
17 Dec 15, 00:07
Admin: I have been busy with work and school and likely wont free up too much but am going to try and do replies to this likely tomorrow
29 Dec 15, 13:19
Admin: alright lets see what damage i can do here