12/19/18 12:16 PM
Veriria: Hello! I got nostalgic and wandered to my website, Veriria's Palace, and ended up here! Thanks for linking to it, I forgot how I found your website, but I just wanted to say that I love your layout!
11/25/18 04:18 PM
Izzie: Franciely: Thank you so much!!! :biggrin:
11/25/18 04:18 PM
Izzie: Franciely: I <3 the fairy holding the lyre from your Fantasy section. In exchange I'd <3 to design something for you! Not-So-Secret Santas! lol You can send your request details via my Contact page.
11/22/18 07:46 PM
Franciely: I also love your dolls sooo much <3
11/22/18 07:46 PM
Franciely: happy just create and also give when someone like :biggrin:
11/22/18 07:44 PM
Franciely: Izzie thanx a lot for your sweet comment. I really enjoy create the siggies and just wanna say if you like any of my tags please feel free to request, I do not usually charge for them, it makes me
09/11/18 01:49 AM
Izzie: Franciely! Thanks for the lovely comments! I would <3 to do a link exchange! Your work is so pretty. I've always admired sig-tag sites; they're the inspiration for my dolls with backgrounds. :)
09/10/18 12:13 AM
Franciely: Hi Izzie. I really enjoy your site. Would you like exchange links with me ? I know my graphics goes completely the opposite of what you like but feel free to add me :)
09/07/18 09:33 PM
Franciely: Beautiful graphics ^.^
01/13/18 08:26 AM
Ela: Happy (belated) New Year, Izzie! May 2018 be a wonderful year for you :) Your winter gift looks so nice!
11/24/17 03:24 PM
Heartsdesure: Just found your amazing site from the glam pixel forums , its so beautiful ! great to see such a nice set out site <3 best of luck from Lisa aka https://heartsdesire-fantasy.deviantart.com/
11/11/17 01:47 PM
Heather: Hello Izzie, your work is beautiful and inspiring!! So happy to have found you :)
10/13/17 02:42 PM
Izzie: Ela: All elves are accepted, & yours is amazing! Thank you for entering the contest!
10/12/17 03:36 PM
Ela: Hey Izzie! I just submitted my entry. I hope mountain-based Elves count as well :) Otherwise I should whip up something else.
09/12/17 09:52 PM
Blu: Lovely website! ^^
09/10/17 06:03 PM
mokia: What a cute site!
08/30/17 02:09 PM
Izzie: Thanks so much for the interest in the contest! And thanks AxxKat for supporting it on your master list! I'm never sure if people are still dolling these days; it's nice to know they are! <3
08/29/17 07:22 PM
AxxKat: Also, it's been added to my event master list!
08/29/17 07:21 PM
AxxKat: Ou, I love the contest!! I will have to make sure I enter it :)
08/29/17 11:16 AM
Zili: ooo contest??? and me with all this free time thanks to the hurricane/tropical storm might actually do something over the next few days.
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