10/13/17 01:42 PM
Izzie: Ela: All elves are accepted, & yours is amazing! Thank you for entering the contest!
10/12/17 02:36 PM
Ela: Hey Izzie! I just submitted my entry. I hope mountain-based Elves count as well :) Otherwise I should whip up something else.
09/12/17 08:52 PM
Blu: Lovely website! ^^
09/10/17 05:03 PM
mokia: What a cute site!
08/30/17 01:09 PM
Izzie: Thanks so much for the interest in the contest! And thanks AxxKat for supporting it on your master list! I'm never sure if people are still dolling these days; it's nice to know they are! <3
08/29/17 06:22 PM
AxxKat: Also, it's been added to my event master list!
08/29/17 06:21 PM
AxxKat: Ou, I love the contest!! I will have to make sure I enter it :)
08/29/17 10:16 AM
Zili: ooo contest??? and me with all this free time thanks to the hurricane/tropical storm might actually do something over the next few days.
07/05/17 11:49 AM
Ela: And that's good to know. That means I still have time to doll something ^^
07/05/17 11:48 AM
Ela: Aww, yeah,... Life got in the way. But I'm working on it! You can click on the link in my name for a sneak peak :D
07/03/17 04:50 PM
Izzie: No deadline date on the contest. I'll leave it open until 20 entries, or thereabouts.
07/03/17 04:49 PM
Izzie: ELA! How lovely it is to see you again! I'm still waiting on that "big update," by the way. :p Take your time, I understand life's busyness...
07/03/17 02:49 PM
Ela: Hey Izzie! I was just wondering if there's any set deadline for your contest? I might just whip up an entry for it if I have the time for it :)
12/05/16 11:00 AM
Zili: just breezed through chapter 5 and loving it!
11/28/16 09:17 AM
Zili: Just leaving a "Hi" on your board after finding you at FB through AmethystRain :) I'll be starting to read your webstory later today, had a peek at the characters and I'm excited to read it!
09/15/16 01:07 AM
Leah (formerly Lilly): Hey, Izzie! Your site has changed so much since I last visited. It's so cozy! <3 I really enjoyed reading your 'webstory' and it's great so far! Looking forward to reading more. ^_^
09/01/16 01:06 PM
Donna: Love the story, and you've pixelled some beautiful dolls, I enjoyed visiting!
08/31/16 08:06 PM
Angela: I love it!!! It looks Fantastic here!
08/31/16 06:50 PM
Greg: Lookin good! I enjoyed the story so far, very relatable characters.
03/02/16 06:40 PM
Lilly: You really are a doll! (pun intended, haha!) :P
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