2 Apr 14, 01:12
Annie: Wow, it's been a long to since I blogged!
30 May 12, 15:38
chif rara: blogwalking!nice blog :)dun forget visit n folo back ya :)
2 May 12, 15:58
chif rara: hello :D yummy2 here :)
8 Apr 12, 13:58
missrara: nice blog :) hope u good today :)
30 Mar 11, 07:40
missQ: hohoho glad i am here
30 Jan 11, 15:06
SexyJessyCa: Like your blog, hope you will like mine too
19 Sep 10, 00:08
Annie: Hi Lynsie, Of course I still remember you and the many Hankos! Hope you are doing well. We're fine. Thanks for visiting my blog! Hope to see you soon. Tell everyone we said hello.
19 Jun 10, 00:27
Lynsie Hanko: Hey Annie it's been so long. I don't know if you remember me, i was part of the Hankos and all. I was wondering how you guys are doing and i stumbled upon your website. Aaron has really grown up!
13 Oct 09, 00:38
Annie: Hope you're all enjoying this site. Please stop by and post a comment.
14 Feb 09, 11:26
Iris Bonet: Love your web site, Love you Iria. My love to all.
29 Nov 08, 22:23
Annie: GO TEAM USA!!!
16 Oct 08, 06:40
Firmo: Annie...you and your family are amazing! Full-time, full-time job and full-time in school. How do you find time to keep your blog updated? You now have the edge. Also, ongratz to your son Christopher!
3 May 08, 01:55
Annie: Isn't anyone out there going to post a comment? Write a message? (sniffle)
13 Jan 08, 02:30
Annie: Happy New Year!!
17 Nov 07, 02:07
Annie: HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE! Eat plenty and be safe!
28 Jun 07, 12:14
Annie: Hi Family and Friends! Miss you all.
8 Apr 07, 00:33
Annie: Hi Lina, Happy Easter to you and your family! Thank you again for re-subscribing to my blog! Keep in touch always!
7 Apr 07, 15:48
lina: thanks for the invitation and Happy Easter to you and family...
8 Sep 06, 00:24
Annie: Chat again soon
8 Sep 06, 00:24
Annie: I've learned so much in all of my classes...especially photography concepts, do's and don'ts!
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