19 May 13, 07:05
Free Product Samples: hii, nice blog! wanna exchange links? www.FreeProductTesting.com email us
6 May 07, 04:02
cs: orrr.. k.. love you still...
3 May 07, 07:05
M: I have moved.
30 Mar 07, 16:19
cs: maman maman where are youuuuuuu
20 Mar 07, 18:36
cs: where'd you go? I miss you soooo
1 Feb 07, 09:37
ros: ouch! depriiiiiiiived of new entries....................................where are yoooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu?
24 Jan 07, 10:59
ros: re-link me! http://tjut-roslinda.blogspot.com
19 Jan 07, 12:30
cs: haha.. waaa, a blog dedicated to me!! haha
18 Jan 07, 22:42
wAn cHeNg: And also, erhem, wif full medication, I would still hv u arnd after 6.5 yrs, heeee :P
18 Jan 07, 19:06
wAn cHeNg: Hey luv, u managed to swallow any of those tablets or not? Really hope u can take in e full medication =)
18 Jan 07, 01:51
Maman: nadia: get from ridtz lah! or u can get it from his younger sis! Heehee....
16 Jan 07, 19:07
nadia: aww...ridtz i will never stop bugging!!so maman, can i get ur number from anyone who knows u?haha
13 Jan 07, 23:05
Maman: ridtz: Boy, can you like, shorten that birthday wishlist of yours?? I ain't no Santa, ya know? WAHAHAHA!!!
13 Jan 07, 23:04
Maman: nadia: Ooh! Of course I remember you, gorgeous!!! :D
13 Jan 07, 23:04
Maman: keyis: Heehee.... Ada lahhhh.... Nyeh heh heh... :P
13 Jan 07, 17:27
ridtz: hey. got your shout out right there. heh, thanks again. and oh yes, its been ages since we last met. and to nadia there, stop bugging. *winkwink* you know what i mean.
13 Jan 07, 13:06
nadia: im ridtz's fren.Erm we met at toys 'r' us...i hope u still rmmb.
13 Jan 07, 11:42
keyis: woo.. another half.. who is that person. lol...
12 Jan 07, 19:52
Maman: cs: i miss u too, jie... anyway, i dono when i'll be free lei... off day oso need to spend time with family mah... and not forgettin bf... heehee....
12 Jan 07, 15:00
cs: when we go lancing lancing ar?
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