3 Oct 06, 01:12
Jade: Think of it this way...when you get to the top of the hill, you look down, everything seems so tiny. So do other matters. Solve it if we can. If not, leave it for awhile and it'll be resolved somehow.
3 Oct 06, 01:09
Jade: Hey Xuany, I'm really glad that my blog and songs somehow did make you feel better. We all have this moment. I guess we just have to stop lingering on the matters too much.
2 Oct 06, 09:18
xuany: hey..really like your blog..feeling down but after reading and listening to the nice song in your blog...feeling better now
2 Oct 06, 09:17
xuany: i really enjoy resing your blog..feeling down now but after reading your blog ...feeling better now haha..
22 Sep 06, 20:34
Jade: Oh you want a money talk? Geez, I thought money can't beat a great song. :heart:
19 Sep 06, 13:49
prettierthanu: how much are u going to pay per song?
16 Sep 06, 16:35
Jade: Wow, my technical consultant is back! Really? You want to help me add more cool songs to my radioblog? :aggrieved:
16 Sep 06, 07:52
prettierthanu: quote "my technical consultant/support (my sis) for this website refused to add more for me.", this is so untrue. i'm always willing to help computer illiterates.
16 Sep 06, 02:49
Jade: I have more. But I usually go for songs rather than singers. Oh, just realized that I picked 3 guys here and no girls. Just a coincident. :lol:
16 Sep 06, 02:47
Jade: 3) Z Chen. This guy knows how to sing. I like most of his songs. http://www.sensasian.com/view/search.pl/EN/Artist/Z+Chen/
16 Sep 06, 02:42
Jade: 2) Gary Cao. Thus far he only has one album available in the market. I put 2 of his songs on this blog. But I think his whole album is cool. http://www.hooked-nussu.org/content/view/704/88/
16 Sep 06, 02:42
Jade: 1) David Tao (his earlier albums), but he has some recent ones, which I am not too much of a fan. Go to http://sensasian.com/view/catalog.cgi/EN/1057/music/list/p-6/ for his album list.
15 Sep 06, 18:55
cindy: Okay, recommend me an album or some singers!
13 Sep 06, 23:39
Jade: Cindy, if you need some names of chinese R&B songs I would be happy to provide some. Chinese R&Bs are generally good, unless you hate R&B. If it is the latter, then I have to change your mind. :P
13 Sep 06, 19:57
cindy: I dreamt I bought 2 or 3 CDs but wasn't sure if they were any good.
13 Sep 06, 19:57
cindy: omg, last nite I dreamt that I was in a Chinese store (or maybe even in Asia somewhere) looking for Chinese R&B CDs and I kept wishing I could remember the names of the singers on your radio.blog list
3 Sep 06, 10:46
Jade: It's good that you could tune in at work. I couldn't! :furious: Damn the IT people at work! Anyway, happy listening. ;)
3 Sep 06, 10:44
Jade: Hey, Cindy. Chinese R&B really rocks nowadays! There are many good ones but too bad my technical consultant/support (my sis) for this website refused to add more for me.
1 Sep 06, 00:03
cindy: When did Chinese R&B get so good?!
31 Aug 06, 23:19
cindy: This is neat! I have your page up so I can listen to your music as I do my work at my desk. (There's no hearings today and no one else is here so I can get away with that.) :nuts:
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