15 Nov 10, 14:22
flippertie: Has anyone uploaded a torrent of these? or a t lease some of them?
15 Nov 10, 14:22
flippertie: Wow. I've got about 12 versions and thought I was doing well ... :cyclops:
9 Aug 09, 13:03
Andy: thanks for the comment Chris, just a shame I don't get round to updating the site. I've got more than 200 versions now !!
4 Aug 09, 05:23
chris: Thanks for this site. This is my favorite song. We're all going sometime KOHD makes me feel like I'm looking over the edge a little.
26 Mar 08, 18:42
Rick: I know how you feel about the who dunnit first thing, lol.
26 Mar 08, 18:40
Rick: thanks for letting us be a part of this, Cheers, The Havingas
26 Mar 08, 18:40
Rick: This is just amazing. What a legacy Bob left behind not to mention how much of an impact this song had on so many, wow!
31 Oct 07, 03:30
walter goulet: I did a randition of the song about 3 years ago .I like the song alot
15 Apr 07, 03:19
simpithy,: not at the time
12 Jan 07, 12:36
tasha: :) cool
15 Nov 06, 23:48
Colin and Nyree: just one word : WOW !! :)
12 Nov 06, 22:38
waggworld: don't suppose you have a recording?
7 Nov 06, 03:36
simpithy: I played it myself, a rendition of the original, but quite a bit slower, I play the guitar.
5 Nov 06, 10:56
waggworld: I can imagine then that hearing this song evokes many feelings. Was it Dylan's original version or one of the 100 different cover versions?
3 Nov 06, 04:02
simpithy: it was the first song I ever played for my sister, and the last I played for her at her funeral
3 Nov 06, 04:02
simpithy: its knockin on heavens door
30 Oct 06, 19:30
waggworld: if it's something you'd like to share feel free to mail it. Some songs have that kind of effect.....
29 Oct 06, 02:49
simpithy: I kinda have a story about why I love, and hate the song, Its an important song to me.
29 Oct 06, 02:48
simpithy: lol, It is polish cuz I can understand very little but some
23 Oct 06, 11:48
waggworld: found thru P2P: if it's not Polish then I don't know. Needless to say I can't read it either!!! :/
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