19 Jan 09, 18:23
anonymous: 1 day
14 Jan 09, 01:47
Name: This is an amazing site! I wish I had discovered it back in 2005!!!!
24 Dec 08, 19:01
WoT: less than a month left..i can almost taste it. very nice, simple blog you have here.
24 Nov 08, 02:07
A Canadian: Great Blog. I check it from time to time just to see how things are rolling along. As of right now, 58 brutal days until the dawn of a new age.
5 Nov 08, 04:53
Trish: Great blog I just subscribed! BTW did you know you can add any song you want to you blogspot? I'm totally addicted to it. Go to mp3search.fm. There's a blogspot button next to each song.
29 Sep 08, 20:00
lisa: love this site....thank you for doing this. Such dedication!
10 Sep 08, 22:52
Lugosi: If McCain wins, look for "Days Until McCain Leaves Office."
10 Sep 08, 14:44
Q: As a Dem I'll probably vote Obama but even if McCain wins we all win with the exit of W.
19 Aug 08, 23:01
goerge bush sucks!!!!!!!!: ok 1 thing BUSH SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!y did u all even elect him wtf....r u guys mental or sumthing?????stupid americans...............................................................if obama gets elected america gonna get big!!!!!!
10 Jul 08, 12:43
carolynred33@myway.com: thank you for the site. 194 days he shouldn't even have had 1.
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