27 Jun 16, 05:48
yusa: :D
4 Jul 12, 21:26
aijei: hey guys xD
4 Jul 12, 21:26
aijei: hey guys ;)
27 Apr 08, 00:55
18 Feb 08, 10:14
trang: http://lovelygurl128.proboards42.com
18 Feb 08, 10:14
trang: hi, do you want to be affiliate
2 Jan 07, 14:18
mai: great site and lovely layout!
28 Sep 06, 12:31
anim3_l0v3r: umm eh can someone give me the site to download the game Minna no Oujisama......it seems fun.. pretty please :nervous:
5 Sep 06, 15:05
Passerby: Don't u want to update yr old link at anime news network?( http://kesshin.hollosite.com/main.html) ^_^ Ganbatte ne!
2 Sep 06, 02:29
H. Yuuki: I've been searching for Minna no Oujisama downloading sites, but I can't find one. Can you send me a link please? witch_604@hotmail.com
1 Sep 06, 16:58
nikki: Waa *pats* it could be that your connection hates my host. I think that's it ^^;;; it happens, ne?
1 Sep 06, 10:53
Dragonmage127: I don't think it's browsers, I used both Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer...T.T no fair...from what I read your site is awesome....I wanna explore too
1 Sep 06, 09:18
nikki: H. Yuuki: thanks very much ^^
1 Sep 06, 09:17
nikki: Dragonmage: it could be because of your browser. I checked in another PC and it seems ok to me ^^;;; sorry. the site is entirely in divs and i have no idea which browsers it works on.
31 Aug 06, 22:19
H. Yuuki: Never mind - I went on a crazy search on anime episodes and I found it. Good job on your site! Keep it up!!
31 Aug 06, 22:13
H. Yuuki: Hi! Your site is amazing! Good job! But I have a question - which episode is that chibi episode where... Tezuka is the best gunman or something... and Ryoma challenges him... Can anyone tell me? Thnx!
31 Aug 06, 04:18
Dragonmage127: Ahh It's seems I can't explore your site, everything I click on gets a pop-up window saying 403 Forbidden or sumthing like that...
31 Aug 06, 04:15
Dragonmage127: I like your site so far (haven't explored much yet but I can't see your layout, or at least the banner on top and other pics on top of each category in the menu part.
28 Aug 06, 13:22
Mizuno Yuki: I LOVE your site! Great job! Specially for the TeniMyu =D
21 Aug 06, 00:20
Sunset: and oh,why don't u put their nickname,the one lyk niou the trickster,inui the dataman and etc. etc.
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