7 Apr 11, 05:55
minam: oh forgot to mention... shooting star... BLOODY FREAKING AWESOME :O
7 Apr 11, 05:53
minam: hi lol ur funny nice music too eyy peace out mate
1 Feb 11, 06:45
Kev Broken Scar: amnirapi, thanks for the comment. to be honest, i have no idea how to put a like button on my blog. i just blog away. :) Feel free to drop me comments here if you like.
29 Jan 11, 10:40
amnirapi: y theres no like button in ur blog? i would've click if theres one
6 Sep 10, 16:16
Sarah: Hi.. please visit my blog, tq
1 Aug 10, 22:17
Kev Broken Scar: Michy, hope you're having a great one too!
1 Aug 10, 22:16
Kev Broken Scar: Philip, thanks for checking it out bro and for the kind words. Make a trip down under?
28 Jul 10, 16:29
philipgan: hey man, good song & video.. look forward to catching again soon when you're back down in kl..
28 Jul 10, 05:08
Michy: Hello there, have a nice day yea ;)
28 Jun 10, 16:09
Kev Broken Scar: Awesome Jams! Do you still have them?
27 Jun 10, 18:13
jammie: i had that lego set too!! the ghost was glow in the dark so cool..
22 May 10, 13:42
Kev Broken Scar: or how to prevent block them in the first place?
22 May 10, 13:42
Kev Broken Scar: Anyone knows how to get rid of these spammers on my tagboard?
23 Feb 10, 17:52
mD: Hey bro, hope you are having a great holiday back home!
12 Feb 10, 15:02
Kev Broken Scar: Tom: You gotta do a guest edition for me bro!!
11 Feb 10, 06:13
Tomas: u should do some metal licks ;)
8 Feb 10, 13:21
Kev Broken Scar: Dan: Monday-itis really got to me man. Am so sluggish.
4 Feb 10, 05:52
3 Feb 10, 20:51
Kev Broken Scar: Can someone make some noise in here please? It's looking a bit neglected and sad.
9 Dec 09, 17:23
Kev Broken Scar: I was surprised that the skin tore especially since my fingers are already calloused from the years of playing. haha.
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