12/03/17 10:23
bssj2: I miss you all. love shelley
11/27/17 19:42
bssj2: I am sorry to see Warriors end. We have been through tough times together but we did it together. I will forever hold you all close to my heart. I have been part of a family that I lost too many people that I truly cared for. I offer again to all..... two arms to hold you.... two ears to listen to you and one heart to love you. May the New Years b ring each of you laughter, love and good health. love Shelley (Bssj2)
11/27/17 19:39
bssj2: Dearest All
10/19/17 13:52
BellsGotBalls: Just want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers. Had my biopsy yesterday, it went well. Results to come soon. TY for caring. Hope to be back more soon hosting. TY for your patience and understanding.
10/06/17 09:44
stevie: Just like to say very nice home page! 10}
09/26/17 15:04
torag: (((BSS ))))))) My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family 2}
09/25/17 19:02
bellsgotballs: 4* BSS stopped by war earlier today to say that she has lost her husband. :( thoughts and prayers to you BSS , and know we are all thinking of you !
08/23/17 11:34
stevie: 51} For the help.
08/20/17 10:17
riggsmomma: Tuck...hope you are back and playing again soon...take care and feel better quickly!!! ,7
04/12/17 09:31
macclay1255: 1c Get well soon lucky.
04/12/17 09:27
macclay1255: Get well soon tuck. hope you get home soon. mac
04/12/17 09:26
macclay1255: Hope you get well soon tuck . you are missed.
04/11/17 12:46
BellsGotBalls: Pls keep MasterTuck in your thoughts and prayers also! He had a major heart attack a week ago. They are moving him out of ICU today. Pray for a speedy recovery ! ,1
03/14/17 23:10
Guest: hey warriors....plz keep luckybucky in your prayers....shes fighting cancer big time...she is soo trying to fight it...but not looking good...plz all pray
11/01/16 14:09
suezqpl: 5* ,0 Patch555 May you R,I,P Prayers for family and warriors will miss you
10/31/16 18:12
bellsgotballs: For those unaware, Patch5555 passed away Sept 21st of a massive heart attack, his daughter was with him at the time and it was sudden! He also was diagnosed several months ago with lung cancer. I have been in contact with his daughter and I have passed on condolences from the war league. she wanted me to thank all of you for your friendship to her dad and putting up with his "sense" of humour! RIP patch !
10/05/16 02:14
BellsGotBalls: For those that know JudyBird, she was life flighted to Toledo with a brain bleed Tues. Just asking if you all could please keep Judy in your thoughts and prayers! We love her and miss her! <3
10/05/16 02:13
BellsGotBalls: 2}
10/04/16 16:25
macclay1255: Prayers are needed for Noahsbuddy new grand daughter, having some problems. hope she gets well soon. 1c
08/20/16 02:40
BellsGotBalls: Just wanted to pass on that I heard back from SkiRose!!! She is okay, just lots of family stuff going on. She hopes to be back playing once school starts! Relieved to hear from her and know she is still okay !
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