23 Oct 07, 00:47
arab-: Ahlan Wang..Selamat hari raya...bah saturday melanggar rumah kami di KB.."open house" from 12.00 noon to 6pm..SAT.27.10.07..ada kambing 2 ekor kami panggang..d jemput datang kalo sudi.
22 Oct 07, 14:14
ady from dinawedding: SELAMAT HARI RAYA MAAF ZAHIR BATIN dari Ady & crew Dinawedding.
20 Oct 07, 17:03
MOKAM: eleewww bro... hehe SELAMAT HARI RAYA.. send my regard 2 ur wifey..:) n ur lil cuety..
18 Oct 07, 13:48
haji-k: Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.. Maaf Zahir dan Batin... Drive Safely on the Road
14 Oct 07, 11:51
neesha: slmt hari rya DAD!
13 Oct 07, 00:12
Zilly: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir dan Batin Reeds!
12 Oct 07, 22:41
jIM747: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir dan Batin!
12 Oct 07, 09:46
11 Oct 07, 18:01
montelo: selamat hari raya bro, ikhlas frm montelo n monteloians
11 Oct 07, 11:02
mshooter: selamat hari raya aidilfitri to all member of this blog maaf zahir dan batin
11 Oct 07, 00:27
UcingItam: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri Maaf Zahir Bathin.. from UcingItam.com
10 Oct 07, 22:58
JaMiLLa: The Secret is so FANTASTIC...its not an ordiniary movie ...but EXTRAORDINARY!!!
10 Oct 07, 22:57
JaMiLLa: Thanks REEDA!! I found the links already! Great! Hope you practise it everyday. More success come towards us ...if we believe and feel it.
10 Oct 07, 22:52
Hope: HAHAHAHAHA!! nahhhh batah ku meliat G ferro ani i kept on saying to myself "cam sapaaaaa kedia ani ah??" NAH TIA!! HISHAMUDDIN ONN!! hahahaha puas ati ku eh cun atu eh. Apa kabar dato'? :D
10 Oct 07, 22:15
G-`FerRo: .. eh baik ke Malaysia .. dapat ngambar Dato Hishamuddien makan ... Huahahaha.... btw .. Selamat Hari Raya to u mister.... Maaf Zahir Batin ...
10 Oct 07, 21:42
anakbrunei: JaMiLLa: the codes are at the website. Yes, I just watched the DVD... amazing...
10 Oct 07, 17:01
JaMiLLa: Reeda, how you get the link button for The Secret? U watched the DVD already? May I know how u did that? I wanna put in my blog too. Im practising the secret everyday
10 Oct 07, 14:55
babyamy: ohh and since i cant find your email anywhere, hit me back with one and id send you a few :) words. ah apakan, uh yeah will be expecting your mail. need you tell you a few things
10 Oct 07, 14:52
babyamy: yeah you got me into a lotta trouble mister! hahaha just kidding. long story. shall explain myself next time. he reads your blog too :)
10 Oct 07, 12:45
anakbrunei: Follow your bliss.. and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls... - Joseph Campbell
9 Oct 07, 22:45
OOF!!: Selamat hari raya aidil fitri to evryone.
9 Oct 07, 21:37
UcingItam: ahh nothing beats mom's cooking
9 Oct 07, 21:01
Anonymous: To those who are curious who Boboi is.. he’s right there next to JennyM. The one with glasses. haha he’s not young at all!
9 Oct 07, 15:35
GoD's GiFT!: yup... intake 1990 to 1994. Also Prefect from Form 1-5
9 Oct 07, 15:25
zali: GG's dulu di SOAS jua ka?hehheeh..
9 Oct 07, 15:01
GoD's GiFT!: dude, I wonder if there's any SOAS College alumni society?!
9 Oct 07, 09:19
anakbrunei: iatahni: WOW! How cool is that?? Thank you very very much! Now to find ONE fav photo... heheh
8 Oct 07, 23:28
iatahni: Congratulation anakbrunei! Ur blog is iatahni blog of the week. For this, Iatahni is please to print ur favorite photo to a poster size of 20inx30in FOC.Just email ur high resolution photo to iatahni@yahoo.com.TQ :)
8 Oct 07, 23:16
anakbrunei: modulo6830: cool! will drop by when I'm in Tutong :)
8 Oct 07, 23:16
anakbrunei: EzA: heheh likewise...
8 Oct 07, 17:43
modulo6830: sample ada but not many. some alum masak, if u happen to pass by tutong just drop in saja, preferbly afternoon. :D
8 Oct 07, 17:10
EzA: Hye AB.. I knw where u took dat pic of flower wit light ;) Nway.. Nice meeting u..
8 Oct 07, 14:46
anakbrunei: RCKP: no lah of course not, but can you imagine if they did? would you go there to eat? ;)
8 Oct 07, 14:17
RCKP: Out of curiousity, did the owner of that restaurant actually have that rule for the restaurant?!
8 Oct 07, 12:17
anakbrunei: Hajimbo: It was a close fight to the end for sure! heheh! I swear you could taste the adrenaline that night!
8 Oct 07, 12:16
anakbrunei: babyamy: no worries, say hi to yr dad for me heheh :)
8 Oct 07, 02:03
Hajimbo: wow. can't for the kristalfm djs vs.bloggers. hehe :P
7 Oct 07, 22:31
babyamy: thank youuu :)
7 Oct 07, 15:44
anakbrunei: modulo6830: alaaa so how if I want to rasa the longan? ada sample kah? heheh
7 Oct 07, 15:19
modulo6830: yup! that's my house. For longan brazil, we sell the anak pokok only but not the fruit.
7 Oct 07, 14:23
anakbrunei: babyamy: heheh small world... I've posted a larger version of that pic.. just click on it ;)
7 Oct 07, 14:22
anakbrunei: modulo6830: ah ok... I remember seeing that longan brazil sign in front of a house in sengkarai heheh.. yr house issit? where to buy this brazil longan? mau jua mencuba :)
7 Oct 07, 13:59
modulo6830: btw, thks 4 the link...link u too
7 Oct 07, 13:57
modulo6830: Longan Brazil -- bigger, thicker the fresh n origin from brazil n grow by my family here in brunei (trade mark n copyright). Local one just the normal one more or less like longan thailand.
7 Oct 07, 13:47
babyamy: HAHAHAHA youre my daddy's friend! :S does that mean i have to call you uncle now? lol lawa eh my daddy ah "waiting" lol
7 Oct 07, 13:39
anakbrunei: modulo6830: wats the diff between Local Longan & Longan Brazil? :)
7 Oct 07, 11:48
modulo6830: modulo was here...link me?!
6 Oct 07, 13:46
JaMiLLa: Reeda: Xie Xie ni! Kam sia!
6 Oct 07, 08:06
anakbrunei: JamiLLa: No problem use away! :)
6 Oct 07, 02:33
JaMiLLa: Reeda, do u mind I use Pablo site button to put in my blog as a link?
5 Oct 07, 23:21
JaMiLLa: Hey Reeda! Thanks for reminding about this unique Chai Latte. Its so special taste! I nearly forget about this good place to have a great coffee or tea. !Dome! My blog will become Latte BlogZone!!! Yeaa!! I love your bloggermates link below. Clear and simple blogger list. I love the layout as well. Normally its placed both side of the blog. Unique! Hmm...how bout mine? Should I place it in the header of my blog? Hahaa...
5 Oct 07, 17:23
anakbrunei: JaMiLLa: hey there tks for dropping by! I wouldnt mind a Chai Latte right now heheh! :D
5 Oct 07, 10:31
JaMiLLa: Hi Reeda! Long time no dropping words in ur blog. How are you doing? I forget to invite you to my blog and have a cup of latte that serve more than Jamy Latte. Have a great day1
5 Oct 07, 09:47
anakbrunei: tya: o thats a shame... hopefully there'll be more trips across... would be better if we could play locally though eh? ;)
5 Oct 07, 01:46
tya: nda apa..there's always climbing haha (kes pujuk hati sendiri niee)
5 Oct 07, 01:46
tya: oooh i LOVE paintball. bt 16th nov is my last day of exams n i'll only be in brunei 2 days after =(
4 Oct 07, 15:38
anakbrunei: Alid: same to you too :)
4 Oct 07, 15:37
anakbrunei: Halim: Likewise bro :)
4 Oct 07, 15:37
anakbrunei: mm: iPhone is going for around B$1,200.00
4 Oct 07, 15:36
anakbrunei: Ucingitam: I tot u oredi traded yr left kidney for 70-200 2.8IS? hehe
4 Oct 07, 15:36
anakbrunei: Sas: yes he still looks the same heheh.. same sense of humor too :D
4 Oct 07, 11:00
cascada: soon i mean..
4 Oct 07, 10:59
cascada: maktab duli's solat hajat pictures will be displayed at www.jijicascada.multiply.com
4 Oct 07, 09:07
Halim: Hi Reeda, It was a great pleasure meeting u last night. Cheers
3 Oct 07, 23:38
Sas: OMG. MALEK NOOR. bulih?? hahahaa MUDA masih usulnya ah! after all these years! lol.
3 Oct 07, 21:47
Alid: LONG TIME NO SEE!! hello anak bruneii semua :D happy fasting and selamat menyambut bulan syawal nanti
3 Oct 07, 20:50
Alin: wah wah malek noor... basar masih badannya ih, ampunkan kami, ampun kan kami!! hehe..
3 Oct 07, 20:20
UcingItam: Nikonian/AB, bole trade in sama one of my kidney? LOL!
3 Oct 07, 15:13
mm: how much is iphone costs?%D%A
3 Oct 07, 14:28
SoulJah: Yep, yesterday there was a maroon, background on the top half of the page, today it's gone sudah.
3 Oct 07, 13:57
zul: I agree.. Always easier to buy both
3 Oct 07, 13:39
unnamed4now: quantum pendant..hmmm..i hvnt got time to go to indoor yet
3 Oct 07, 13:06
anakbrunei: Maz: I think Apple's policy on unlocked iPhone sucks, but I guess its necessary for them to keep AT&T happy...
3 Oct 07, 13:05
anakbrunei: Pablo: hmmm... bkg is actually white. Try clearing your internet cache? Let me know if problem still persists k?
3 Oct 07, 13:04
anakbrunei: Meow: awu eh I agree wit Nikonian, buy both! Heheh!
3 Oct 07, 10:38
Maz: Psssttttttt Reeda. Sorry to hear that ur loveaffair with d iPhone have to end like that. Anyway, read in the paper that iPhone sold in Asia would become useless once the software would be upgraded as these would be unlock? Apakan artinya tu in simple English? Hehe seriously....is it true?
3 Oct 07, 08:29
Pablo: Bro.. can' t read ur posts. Too dark. Guess it clash with ur dark background. hehehee.. thanks
2 Oct 07, 22:41
Nikonian: Take the easy route meow,buy both hehe
2 Oct 07, 21:29
UcingItam: haha UcingItam.com on iPhone! Nice! thanks bro.. Oh God! Give me strength! 40D? iPhone? 40D? iPhone?
2 Oct 07, 21:18
V: AB: i agree wit Aku atu..give us sum space 4 dedication on ur blog
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