28 May 12, 02:16
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12 May 10, 12:57
Angel: hello
12 May 10, 12:57
Angel: Anybody online
12 May 10, 12:57
Angel: Anybody online?
30 Oct 09, 18:24
cric: watch live www.imovies4you.com
3 May 09, 09:01
durga: jst gone thru u'r blog......nic one
7 Feb 09, 18:43
Teresa: hope ur doin fine
7 Feb 09, 18:42
Teresa: i open it for everyone to see at the weekend only...so come to have a look
7 Feb 09, 18:42
Teresa: i also have my own blog now ...http://teresa-myownlittleworld.blogspot.com/
7 Feb 09, 18:42
Teresa: just drop by your blog after a long time ...
7 Feb 09, 18:41
Teresa: hey it's me Teresa again...
17 Dec 08, 23:42
gopi: hi
3 Sep 08, 10:34
To Teresa: Thanks a lot for dropping by my blog and for your messages.. Makes me feel good.. Take care.. Byee..
23 Aug 08, 23:25
Teresa: may be some day i will have my own blog...take care...all the best
23 Aug 08, 23:24
Teresa: Am not India..but i love your country and the people itself...before i did think that it wasted time spending for blog...but you did change the way that i carry my head...
23 Aug 08, 23:09
Teresa: HI...U do not know me and i do not know you but i came across your blog whil i was surfing here and there. I am a broken heart could feel peace readind your blog..Thank you for that...
16 Aug 08, 08:02
Vadivel: wanna talk to you vignesh mail me your mobile no if possible
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