15 Feb 17, 03:28
Stevie Teacher: Well it took me a while to figure it out and get it to work for MOffice 2010. Because I am using a non-English version, but working it is. Much appreciation all involved in this Awesomeness!
6 Sep 15, 19:35
Joyce: I wish you could do drop and drag for powerpoint 2010.
12 Feb 15, 20:38
LIZ: i WISH YOU COULD DO THIS http://www.pptalchemy.co.uk/Powerpoint_drag_and_drop.html
6 Aug 13, 16:41
Caitlin: http://ccisfor.blogspot.com/2013/08/creating-morning-calendar-for.html
6 Aug 13, 16:41
Caitlin: Thanks for an informational post! You inspired my first post! Thanks so much!
8 Mar 13, 12:10
sirshukri: Thanks for your helpful tutorial...have a visit to my blog :)
24 Nov 12, 05:51
Surf5over: thanks I have been trying to write my on macro for a long long time. this will help my studnets immeasurably :)
23 May 12, 15:25
Joe: Hi Beatrice, thanks for your comment. I've emailed you about this :-)
23 May 12, 10:59
Beatrice: THANK YOU
23 May 12, 10:59
Beatrice: Any training you could recommend?
23 May 12, 10:59
Beatrice: we are about to use the i pad in MFL in the primary school and I would like to know if you have any website suggestions we could use as a start of: how to make the most of the i pads with pupils? Any
23 May 12, 10:58
Beatrice: Dear Joe,
4 Apr 11, 13:25
Joe: Hi Be, I suggest you look at http://www.frenchteacher.net/blogs.html, http://paper.li/MFLTimes and https://twitter.com/joedale/mfl-twitterers/members and join the conversation!
3 Apr 11, 20:02
Be: I am an Urdu teacher in a Secondary School.I have very littel experience in applying ICT to make MFL teaching interesting .Would appriciate any ideas.Thanks
3 Apr 11, 20:00
Be: Hi Joe
4 Nov 10, 12:37
Joe: Thanks Genaro. Finding time to blog is becoming more and more difficult to be sure! I will be persevering though!
4 Nov 10, 06:56
Genaro Geneta: Hi Joe, this blog is great, I just hope you could write more often. :)
25 Mar 10, 18:58
Joe: Hi Jenny, could you email me about this? Best wishes Joe
25 Mar 10, 09:54
Jenny C: Hi Joe I'm organising materials for CPD & wonder whether I could cite your CILT article, Technology tops languagelearning. May we have a chat about this? Thanks Jenny
7 Nov 09, 15:24
Joe: That's great news! Thanks for letting me know ;)
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