19 Jun 19, 12:33
Brian: hay Squidonhead woould you turn me into a pretty yelow summer dress?
28 Mar 19, 22:03
James: Squid, as random as it is, I would love to spend a relaxing morning with you, as your Sunday newspaper of choice.
1 Jul 17, 16:59
Kentwolf: really? ah well i hope you get time one day :) it ended on such a cliffhanger. dont usually see a purse tf story
23 Jun 17, 16:59
Squidonhead: I actually had a second chapter started... just no time to write it up
30 Apr 17, 13:21
Kentwolf: We miss you Squidonhead! i know you are busy but do you think there will ever be a second part to "My Wife's Favorite"? I really love that story.
2 Feb 17, 13:25
Squidonhead: I am still here Alis, just really busy !!
30 Jan 17, 15:55
Alis: We miss you Squid, come back!
14 Jul 16, 16:52
xxx: more food
26 Apr 16, 21:38
james: can you add some more broken/ripped stuff?
25 Apr 16, 17:42
bugman: I would like to be turned into a mop and you clean up the floor using me, Squidonhead. It woul be great, and then you could clean your shoes on me, your high heel shoes...
25 Apr 16, 06:44
Trey: Sorry Mistress Squidonhead for forgetting my place. I should not of assumed that I would have a choice in the matter
21 Apr 16, 22:47
Squidonhead: Silly Trey .... if someone was to change you, do you think you would have any say in what it is you become?
21 Apr 16, 06:49
Trey: Mistress Squidonhead, I know that I should of never been put on this earth as a man, and with your help i could serve my true purpose as a piece of women's lingerie. I truly beg you to help me.
18 Apr 16, 22:50
Squidonhead: sigh.. you are all so needy. A herd of Wussies wanting to , begging to be remade...
11 Apr 16, 09:47
Trey: yes Squidonhead please do something with me please
29 Mar 16, 14:17
bugman: oh please!! you can sit on me and shut my mouth up :)
29 Mar 16, 05:29
Sanik: Anyone wanting to turn me into something? I will be what ever is desired!
26 Mar 16, 16:54
Squidonhead: You are such wusses... I feel like I have to do something to you,, just to shut you up!
25 Mar 16, 15:02
bugman: Oh Squidonhead, i would really like to be turned into a cushion and to be sat on by you!
17 Mar 16, 09:29
Trey: Squidonhead I beg of you please to end my pathetic male existence and do with me as you please. And i fully understand i am at your darkest whims to do with me as you please
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