25 Jun 14, 10:55
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27 Nov 13, 05:14
syamStyles: kunjung mngunjung cari trafik. hehe
20 Oct 13, 05:36
Sarah: Just visit your web. Nice and neat. Visit mine. blog about perfumes. Thanks
24 Aug 13, 16:14
19 Aug 13, 15:47
juju: Give Ann Dan Kak Ju. Atas kepala memang bagus. tak 10,000 kot 5000 je.
9 Aug 13, 13:19
HarumanPemikat: Online2 juga...solat jgn lupa tau!
22 Aug 12, 14:30
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15 Jul 08, 12:45
Big Bright Head: eh? this cbox new wan hor?? last time come din see also... he he :D
25 Dec 07, 09:04
constance: hi there, merry christmas..
24 Jul 07, 15:19
Janice: Hello, my first time here :)
16 Feb 07, 18:29
Aceone118: Gong Xi Fa Cai to amah and all at home.
15 Feb 07, 13:52
WokkingMum: Wah moving to a new hse from CNY ah? hehe! Happy Lunar New Year! Will update my blog with your new add.
9 Feb 07, 12:29
lovelymummy: Hello, I've tagged you leh, u can check on my bog. Take ur time to do the task, i know u r busy lately :)
8 Feb 07, 13:58
laundryamah: ayo ayo so bz sorry no updates!
8 Feb 07, 13:09
danielhenry: it's gif. animated. used illustrator to make it. you send your pics then i hlep make. very easy wan.
8 Feb 07, 10:05
danielhenry: small boi also drop by wan kay... =)
6 Feb 07, 09:47
laundryamah: solly solly everybody, AMAH vely bz these few days cos guai lo around so got to entertain!! thanks for droping by wokking mom & lovely mummy!
5 Feb 07, 12:05
lovelymummy: Oh,poor little girl, aunty sayang,ok. Same with my son when he's cried :>)
3 Feb 07, 16:30
WokkingMum: Hi! Just found your blog. Enjoyed reading your blog. Will be back again! :)
2 Feb 07, 15:48
Desperate Mummy: OMG both of them look like my kids lar when they cry tat time :( Amah we are same-same lar
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