28 Mar 10, 06:48
Rinthia: Aw, fudge!! I justr realized you stopped updating this comic... :( Now I am sad...
8 Jan 10, 00:16
Trotun: Sorry folks he quit on this comic so we're left with only this =( (and for some reason i check back every several months Xp)
17 Nov 09, 22:34
The Raptor: ZOMG ..so many sexyz. Update pl0x
11 May 09, 17:31
Tammy: hey josh, this is some great stuff. You should update it more often.
8 May 09, 16:45
Trotun: I especally like the hair. *w*
8 May 09, 16:44
Trotun: Sorry, but likely never again. But if you wish I think you can still study it for ref to your own art. =]
7 Feb 09, 16:25
Chaoticisme: question whens the comic going to be update again if at all
26 Jan 09, 17:28
Fizz: its sad when the great comics die...
18 Jan 09, 14:44
Chaoticisme: hey dude i read your comic and id just like to say even though it might not be the most regularly updated its stilla great comic
10 Oct 08, 17:27
Arcane: You know, if you can't keep up with the comic anymore, why not call in guest artists? I'd be happy to help. However, considering the dead -I just read everything :3- you probably don't check this
22 Jul 08, 21:04
Sarah: Hey Josh, I love your comics, I think I have spammed enough of my friends now by emailing them links to good comics of yours. Keep it up!
17 Jul 08, 08:50
Keybolt: I just want you to know Josh I still come back and look for updates. " Why?" you ask. Becuase I miss your comics.
12 Jul 08, 22:43
EvilChihuahua: Totrun, I think the illness was lupus. As for the email, It's ec_aiaflw@hotmail.com. There is a peice of fanart in there, but my browser keeps freezing when I try and look at it. Cybersitter, probably
9 Jun 08, 08:23
Jetrie: Is there a way I can contact you?
9 Jun 08, 08:23
Jetrie: Hey there Josh, I was just wondring what your email is now. I tried to send some fanart for you but the one on the site dosn't work.
6 May 08, 13:16
Trotun: I did search the site, but didn't find it. (my curiosity is killing me)
6 May 08, 13:15
Trotun: Josh,I remember you saying before that people were asking if stevie had some kind of illness because he has white hair. You responded with you were going with a anime look.What is that illness called?
3 May 08, 20:21
Trotun: YES!! You don't have to start up again (at least for me) I'm happy to know things are getting settlled for you ^_^
25 Apr 08, 11:29
EvilChihuahua: A social life. I'm in theatre and choir and I'm looking into WOW...I just enjoy the new stuff a lot more than making the comic. I'm sorry I had to stop, but I hope you enjoyed it.
25 Apr 08, 11:27
EvilChihuahua: I think It's only fair that I gave a proper explanation for the deadness of this comic. I started going to a new school in september, and thus have smething that I've never had to deal with before:
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