6 Nov 17, 16:46
Suzi: returned to WWE I meanr
6 Nov 17, 16:46
Suzi: The official Deathclutch shop closed when Brock returned to UFC. I think eBay is a good way to get some old Lesnar gear.
3 Sep 17, 14:34
Rajat joshi: Hi mam where r u hail from?How can I buy death clutch in digital form?
29 Jul 17, 22:08
Lynx: Rena is and will Alway's be a Athlete.
22 Jul 17, 23:14
Tammysavage: I my fan
22 Jul 17, 23:14
Tammysavage: Hi fan
22 Jul 17, 23:07
Tammysavage: I fan my name tammy watch you on wwe in 90
19 Jun 17, 09:03
RG: You were the ultimate woman in the WWE.
5 Jun 17, 06:21
Chris: Long time Sable fan just checking in - great site and update! Love it! Thanks. PS: SABLE FOR THE WWE HALL OF FAME!
24 May 17, 23:55
Kim: people say sable did not take bumps, but what matches were they watching? I've seen Sable take bumps.
9 May 17, 17:32
josh: wow what a rare find! how did you even come accross that clip haha?
12 Apr 17, 09:34
Lynx: Can't be mad at the woman who wast The Diva of all Divas of wrestling for not wanting to have any part of a company that did her wrong in many ways and made a lot of money off of her image...
24 Mar 17, 22:22
Rick: Hey you should post these videos on YouTube it will get a lot of views. Perhaps a lesnar channel. Just a suggestion
28 Feb 17, 05:42
D.D: Looks like that guy in the video talking to Lesnar had a hard time keeping his eyes off Sable @2:11 LOL Sable still got it!!
28 Feb 17, 01:15
28 Feb 17, 01:14
28 Feb 17, 01:13
WTF: **** Rena for not wanting Sable in the HOF stupid *****
25 Feb 17, 15:53
AnimeMermaid: Hey Suzi/Mickey - I sent you an email :)
26 Jan 17, 07:52
Lynx: Still holding out Hope.....Sable deserves to be recognized for what she contributed. If anything else Rena should should do it for the Women in the wrestling business.
26 Jan 17, 07:49
Lynx: I envy the woman, she had an amazing career and now she's a wife to a MMA superstar and a mother to his kids what does she care about some HOF, its only to our desire that it happens
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