24/01/21, 22:32
gary: thats great, what is your email please
24/01/21, 21:16
vhannibal: @gary send me an exact list of the Antiksat channels that I fix
24/01/21, 21:14
vhannibal: @Dream io son piu avanti
24/01/21, 21:14
vhannibal: @Fil forse nel tuo paese ma ti assicuro che nel resto d'Italia non è cosi
24/01/21, 17:54
gary: hi, love your settings & used now for as longtime. could it be possible to please add all 16eAntiksat channels & the 30w Abertis DTT channels too please ;-) thank you
24/01/21, 13:50
FF: How to solve CRASH on OpenATV 6.4, with 1.4 version?
24/01/21, 00:50
Fil: Segnalo che la frequenza di alcuni canali Dtt è errata. C5 è su 24 no 36 sky1 54 no 56
23/01/21, 19:02
Dream: Segnalo che la data riportata nei bouquets dei settings è 2022
22/01/21, 18:38
fufi: man, nobody to help me?
22/01/21, 18:31
Akhtar: Please help, I have noticed that the files used to be .uhxx.tv_org and now it is just .dbexx.tv What do I need to do?
22/01/21, 18:26
Akhtar: Hello, I have been a user of Vhannibal for 9 years. Since beginning of 2020 everytime I download the motor for enigma2 and load to my satellite it comes up as no channels at all.
22/01/21, 18:24
fufi: how can install autosetting? i've a octagon sf8008 multibbot define
22/01/21, 11:00
Blas: En movistar han puesto canales de Danz cuando estara la actualizacion de esos canales
22/01/21, 10:59
Blas: Hola.....
21/01/21, 11:19
jose: How can I obtain list of chanels for enigma1 today?
18/01/21, 17:51
Gab: C'è qualcuno con VU+ Zero 4k che ha problemi per vedere Euronews Italian? E Food Channel Italia??
17/01/21, 21:04
Mark: Strange but in my VU+ any settings update now...
17/01/21, 18:11
cox: great i saw CNN, didnt know you reaarenged the cahnels- ciao
16/01/21, 13:34
vhannibal: @cox You can find it in the news and America sections
16/01/21, 13:30
vhannibal: @cox https://www.flysat.com/canaldigitaal19e.php
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