25 Oct 11, 21:17
Sexy Korean Girl: Your Blog is Beautiful. i wish you can visit mine too
29 Sep 11, 00:13
Maria: I need you to helps me
19 Aug 11, 05:05
Dennis Jones: Hi Blogwalking visit. Will Missed you.i wish you can visit mine too
29 Aug 07, 02:11
DotCom: Look at this: http://xxx.picsnao.com - here you can find free adult flash movies.
28 Aug 07, 14:44
Fishka: http://xxx.picsnao.com free p0rn flash-movies :).
26 Jul 07, 18:42
Alan V: Seriously dead blog d !!!! UPDATE !!!
6 Jul 07, 13:20
-kcb-: Yellow card! hahaha ... an chuar? what's the feeling ? :P
16 Mar 07, 13:47
-stevo-: not snail blog ade... is dead blog of the east...
5 Mar 07, 08:42
me: Kanne... Ham kar chan... no wonder I Wreck the car! change name or ur car gotta get more than a scratch!
4 Mar 07, 14:17
Lampard: Updated Jor...sorry la...didnt know got ppl read this blog also :P
1 Mar 07, 14:02
me: why no update one ... liddis punya blog can shutdown liao...
8 Jan 07, 23:13
monkeyatschul: everyone sure remember ur car, so u shud send me around more often...ahahahaha....
8 Jan 07, 23:11
monkeyatschul: thx for my shirt!!!!! i still haven sit ur vios....u wait, i sit dat time, will sit like big boss, leg put on dashboard, chew a toothpick and stare around....other car sure look wan
9 Nov 06, 23:16
teck: the part where cracko is dam fantastic or should i say short-testic... hehehe...
9 Nov 06, 19:05
Jeremy: monkey at schul...i have updated my blog oledi...thanks for ur patience ; )
7 Nov 06, 22:00
monkeyatschul: update!
29 Oct 06, 16:20
Jeremy Choo: There is no relationship mentor...everyone has to learn from trial and error...sigh
25 Oct 06, 22:06
Alan V: Life is what you make of it... and good things always comes to those who wait... so seng seng mok mok lah...only fools rush in yeah.
25 Oct 06, 20:53
gary: I'm awed by your composed, rational line of thought. Truly respect you and proud to be ur cousin! Good on ya! Mayb next time, u can be my relationship mentor. haha! take care n c ya in a mths time! :)
24 Oct 06, 04:37
Steven Kon: Take good care of yourself Jeremy. 1 + 1 will make a good even number.
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