10 Nov 13, 13:10
sofia: hi, cantiknya blog awak, saya suka sangat. jom singgah saya pula :)
29 Oct 13, 12:21
iklankerja.my: iklankan kerja kosong disini.percuma!
19 Dec 10, 03:15
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3 Dec 10, 01:04
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17 Jul 10, 22:44
ctsarah: =p
17 Jul 10, 22:44
ctsarah: kena balik rumah la camtu...
26 Jun 10, 03:59
khadi: sha : HERE! HERE!
26 Jun 10, 03:59
khadi: cher : good point i wonder if they have such gadget. but thanks darling :)
25 Jun 10, 00:24
aisha: i conccur with cher. re: the beauty topic, i believe beauty is essential to life. it's just that beauty has been degraded by society these days, the very ppl who need it into ntg more than...plastic.
23 Jun 10, 16:56
noodleq: if there's a LIKE button on your blog post, i'll gladly click it. XD
23 Jun 10, 04:18
khadi: suz : lol. got it. thanks darling. thankgod you checked. glad you like the PDA post.
22 Jun 10, 11:58
Zannes: Babe, omg. What you just wrote is so true. Of those PDAs. HAHA. And I have changed my link long time dah, its www.zannes.tk now girl :)
29 May 10, 14:52
zaty: saya suda tuka itu blog punya link.link ada di blog lama.tenkiu.hahha!
20 Apr 10, 04:45
gfh: www.beam.to/chatzppl
23 Mar 10, 12:43
Laura: hi! how are u?
10 Mar 10, 18:20
aten: khadid! egt aku lg x? hee follow blog aku..
13 Feb 10, 17:13
ctsarah: update
30 Jan 10, 01:06
ctsarah: NICE!!
4 Jan 10, 00:36
aisha: yes woman your cousin was absolutely right. the blog skins you chose have the misfortune of being laggy.
6 Dec 09, 03:02
ctsarah: I'm so happy for you. Your layout is out of her laggy-ness
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