5 Nov 13, 06:56
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8 May 12, 00:45
Biev: Oh and I'm setting up a new forum with a drawing board! It will be fun : D
8 May 12, 00:44
Biev: Hi Sariah! I don't check this box much anymore since I've enabled comments at the new site (art.biev.net), but thanks for saying hello : ) I'm doing well, just super busy juggling work and school! <3
8 Feb 12, 00:46
Sariah: No one's checked up on you for a while, so I thought I would! :) How are you?
26 Jul 11, 08:25
Dave: I still check in now and then too. Planning on re-reading the comic in a week or so, just because I miss your art. You inspired me to take an art class, and now I have a skill I never knew about.
22 Jun 11, 22:01
Biev: Hehe, good to see you're still around, Lain : )
4 Jun 11, 14:15
Lain: YAY! Ty Biev! I love your work!!
12 May 11, 04:21
Biev: I'm finally on summer schedule! I will be working on this site a minimum of 2 days a week for the next couple months, starting May 16th.
13 Apr 11, 01:17
Biev: Also I have a few things done, so I should at least be able to put up a basic page with a couple things to look at before then, even if the site's not ready.
13 Apr 11, 01:15
Biev: I do : ) I'm remaking the site, but I have to work on it in my spare time. Which isn't much at the moment, but I'll have plenty of time from mid-May till late August.
22 Mar 11, 21:03
Savail: She lives! Huzzah! :glad:
17 Mar 11, 22:38
Biev: I'm doing great, and preparing an update as we speak : )
19 Jan 11, 11:06
Sariah: Just checking up on our Biev. How are you doing?
18 Dec 10, 23:49
Savail: You'd best be taking care of yourself. Watch out for zombies and tourists and stuff.
10 Sep 10, 03:55
Edric: Hey there, just a general holla to show I still poke my head into this kneck of the woods. I look forward to anything new you do muchley. : )
1 Sep 10, 23:58
Amanda: Biev, I'm so sorry you won't be continuing Fainting Spells. You made characters I cared about and art that was beautiful. And that is so admirable. Good luck, and I look forward to your new stuff!
18 Aug 10, 19:06
Savail: Checking in again on Miss Biev~
10 Aug 10, 13:15
Koi: I'm sorry to hear things worked out that way for you, Biev. :( But I fully understand and respect your decision to discontinue FS. Thanks so much for writing it, it's been a big inspiration for me.
2 Aug 10, 11:30
Sariah: Sorry, that was weird. Meant to type my name there, not yours. :-)
2 Aug 10, 11:30
Biev: Hey Biev, how are you doing?
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