19 Jan 13, 01:30
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24 Oct 10, 16:23
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3 Feb 10, 13:59
melo: updatesssss!!
22 Jan 10, 15:05
Alexis: update oi!
7 Nov 09, 23:07
Ana: Eh, when are u going to Bali? I'm going in two weeks time! :D
7 Nov 09, 12:58
gwen: you'll be alright. I love you and miss you.
7 Nov 09, 00:20
Gadis: Haha yeah daddy would love it. i love it too! shall read your blog more often (:
6 Oct 09, 02:10
Alicia to Gad: HAHA I NEVER SAID IT WAS BRASS KNUCKLES, it just looked brass knuckly to me... and until now i have no idea what it is.. just looks good lah. DADDY WOULD LIKE IT EH?
4 Oct 09, 19:34
Gadis: omg I love love your tattoo! And that's so not brass knuckles lah please. Haha (L)
6 Sep 09, 11:44
Gadis: whyy. I'm stumped, cause i only found out one month later :S
31 Mar 09, 22:30
Ana: I miss you wehh, seriously. Sorry I haven't been in contact with ya :/
5 Jan 09, 14:38
aeona: hey babe merry christmas and a happy new year god bless!!!
27 Dec 08, 00:15
Alicia to mel: i knowww rightttttttt.
16 Dec 08, 10:14
Ana: I KNOW RITE! It was a bummer, gila lah. This weekend pulak, mum tk bg turun. So, i'll text ya when I get the chance to come down, wokie baby?! :D
16 Dec 08, 00:40
melody: kikahas your mom's looks man
13 Dec 08, 00:19
melody: jan! jan! jan! jan! jan!
12 Dec 08, 22:50
Gwen: eh invite me over for christmas lah kanda! lol, dgn tak malunya.
12 Dec 08, 20:46
Ana: I just couldn't stand it anymore lah. Hardcore gila lah. Haha. But I still get my RM100 plus in January.
11 Dec 08, 12:28
gwen: *sayang* jangan lah marah/sedih/runsing wtf :D
10 Dec 08, 13:39
Ana: Babe, i quit my job! =D
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