25 Oct 11, 14:07
Thai Girl Online: Coolz New post ha. Can you visit mine to?
25 Oct 11, 08:57
Sexy Korean Girl: Your Blog is Beautiful. i wish you can visit mine too
29 Sep 11, 19:49
Ozawa My Name: I need you to helps me
19 Aug 11, 23:33
Marie Jane: I need you to helps me
30 Nov 08, 19:17
miss beth: It is holiday time and I miss all the boys. I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Bob and I were by ourselves which is something that we have never done before. Love you!
3 Oct 08, 21:15
Blair: off at Bonita. I absolutely love what you're doing and love the precious little girl you are holding in your facebook picture. Please bring her home (and that other little boy) when you come.
3 Oct 08, 21:14
Blair: Will-saw your mom this week and we talked about you. we went to this patriotic "thing" and it made me think of the time you sang "Grand Ole' Flag" in the back of someone's truck as the fireworks went
14 Sep 08, 22:53
JB: obudobby click click atatat obudobby, it's cool that you are keeping up with this so well. Take care.
11 Sep 08, 19:44
hank: willis portamus maximus, what's up dawg? love "the chhildren" right one!!!
30 Jul 08, 17:45
berd: happy birthday bro!! hope it's one you'll remember.
29 Jul 08, 22:31
Joey: Will, just caught up on your blog! I am happy to read that you are doing well. Keep us updated on everything that is happening. I need your address, got something for ya. Love ya bro
29 Jul 08, 20:02
Beth Jeffares: Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day. I would email you but I don't have your address.
29 Jul 08, 20:02
Beth Jeffares: Happy Birthday!!! I hope it is wonderful! I would email you but i DON'T have your address!
29 Jul 08, 12:48
Katie Stutzman-Graham: Hey Will! I was just reading your blogs and wondering what your up to. It's good to see you and hear that you are doing well. Take care of yourself!!
28 Jul 08, 20:53
Blair: i love patrick and i want him to be my friend! he is so precious! can you bring him home with you when you come?!
28 Jul 08, 20:49
Blair: will-happy happy early birthday. see, i didn't miss it this year! i miss you but hope you are doing well! email me soon!!!!
22 Jul 08, 14:40
Beth: treat others like you want to be treated...the golden rule applies to us all. I love reading your blog. Keep them coming and take care of yourself.
18 Jul 08, 20:42
berd: sorry... didn't try to text back. would it work if i did?
18 Jul 08, 20:41
berd: sent you a cool email. check it out. thanks for the text. didn
17 Jul 08, 19:02
marketa: hi there will, i am reading your posts and it is amazing. sounds like you are at the right place :)
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