3 Apr 17, 19:55
Yoko: would love to speak with you about being on your affiliates page and your site on ours. thanks so much! nicole.m.glasson@gmail.com
14 Aug 16, 21:55
ukdevilz: Hey! What a lovely website you have here! Really like your castle icons !!!
21 Jun 16, 20:04
Bre: The noise I made when I saw this layout was ridiculous. GORGEOUS.
20 Jun 16, 19:11
Lyri: Hi, my site has moved, please could you update your links? Thanks! http://parabellum.primordialsouls.com/index.php
12 Jun 16, 13:15
Sophie: Oh I love the layout, gorgeous ♥
8 May 16, 13:22
Tee: really love your layout
8 May 16, 13:21
Tee: great site
26 Apr 16, 06:31
Kiera: I added an extra i to the above link.. oops :)
26 Apr 16, 06:30
Kiera: Sure thing chicky! Sign me up :P
22 Apr 16, 07:10
Britt: Girl, I miss the forum so much. I don't have time for **** these days. :\ I'm LOVING all your new work so much! So beautiful and colorful! ♥
10 Mar 16, 06:40
Britt: Your latest art is blowing me away. GIRL. You make me want to crawl under a rock- you're so good!!!
11 Feb 16, 18:53
Chazz: wow.. the wallpapers are amazing!
26 Jan 16, 16:42
Ronixwrites: Hi! My site has new updates. Please do drop by and check it out now! ♥ Suggestions are welcomed! ♥ x
20 Jan 16, 06:41
Britt: Of course we can be affies again! I will add you on my next update! ♥
4 Jan 16, 17:13
Marilyne: thank you hun! i love your olicity wall so much, this beauty is going on my desktop! ❤️
2 Jan 16, 05:45
Britt: OMG all your new work!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm so in love!
20 Dec 15, 00:33
Marilyne: And that's the thing, I promise myself I would'nt stress about updating my site and accounts all the time, but would do so whenever I feel like it :)
20 Dec 15, 00:30
Marilyne: Yay! I'll add you on my next update :) Of course I would love to come back to Buffyforums and participate to challenges as soon as I have some free time, real life is kind of crazy right now.
27 Nov 15, 02:49
Marilyne: like to affiliate with my new site Skies of Silver! *hugs*
27 Nov 15, 02:49
Marilyne: But I'm trying to get back in the game now! ;) And since I can afford my own domain, please feel free to delete Shadow of the Day and use this space for better things! And let me know if you would
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