14 Feb 11, 08:25
TheBlogginIdea: his is not a site to get cheat codes for yahoo games. So let's say you're at your favorite online game site
2 Jul 10, 09:49
june: i hope i allow mo man COMMENT box mo.
2 Jul 10, 09:49
june: I totally agree with you urz. THANK YOU for sharing. tsk. Like right now, i want to curse them both! let all the bad things come their lives. tsk .im bitter i know... but i also want love to overrule
19 Nov 09, 12:33
Rheena: xar!
15 Sep 09, 04:56
marcella: yes very much dont worry i know ur standards kip safe
15 Sep 09, 04:55
czarenel: really cella? im quite tense honestly need to be purrfect for that day:>
15 Sep 09, 04:54
marcella: ei sir paul is really looking forward for your shoot and he's even excited.
15 Sep 09, 04:53
czarenel: @kane: huh hu u? kidding just here bkit ba?
15 Sep 09, 04:39
kane: gf kmustamus? wer ka na? misssss u
26 Jan 09, 20:57
pinoy fear factor: hi. care to xlink? For PINOY FEAR FACTOR news and updates, log on to http://pinoy-fearfactor.blogspot.com
26 Sep 08, 17:12
hana: yeah
13 Mar 08, 10:06
renan: hello can u add me to your friends. and i also addu..thanks..
24 Sep 07, 19:36
Ron Reyes: bloghop! :)
29 Aug 07, 10:34
DotCom: Look at this: http://xxx.picsnao.com - here you can find free adult flash movies.
21 Jun 07, 14:05
nessa: hello model!=p hehe miss yah.. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY!.. gift ko belated na din.. see ya soon.. take care :P
24 May 07, 12:16
tina: hellerrr
9 May 07, 10:21
katharine: woist.. traidor! asa nmn ka? hehe :D
4 Apr 07, 12:07
tina: qwe want updatesss!!
28 Mar 07, 11:04
tina: btaw.. ayaw sige ug posee. ayy pause diay
20 Mar 07, 22:02
Avy: pag update update pod!!
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