15 Oct 17, 15:23
KTVB: :)
10 Sep 17, 19:32
KTVB: Aww thanks Holiday, Chibi and JacJac :)
30 Aug 17, 10:45
JacJac: Hi KTVB, some tvb bloggers and I been watching The Unholy Alliance and been enjoying it. One of the tvb series I enjoyed this year.
6 Jul 17, 17:13
Smileymonster: Could you please send me the link to all the theme songs. Thank you
6 Jul 17, 17:07
Smileymonster: Hi, I am talking about the page you had in google
1 Jul 17, 22:24
Chibi: Hi there, not sure what you mean by "new link"? Download page is here: http://k-tvb.net/download2/
1 Jul 17, 05:00
smileymonster: could you send me the new link to your downloads? Thank you.
3 May 17, 16:56
Holiday: Welcome back! Really missed your reviews for the longest time!
30 Mar 17, 22:48
Chibi: Nice to see this site still up and running :)!
28 Jan 17, 16:22
KTVB: Happy Lunar New Year!!! :DDD
28 Jan 17, 05:00
JacJac: Happy Lunar New Year K For TVB! Enjoy celebrating and eating with your family! Looking forward for more of your reviews!
27 Jan 17, 17:51
smellysocks: Such a pleasant surprise to see a review on a old TVB series!! :) Almost forgot what the series was about!
8 Nov 16, 21:43
KTVB: aww thanks guys!
28 Aug 16, 06:00
randomly: may i ask how do i go and watch 戀愛季節 which link can i go and watch
22 Aug 16, 04:39
C: Would love to see you review fist within four walls as well!
17 Aug 16, 14:57
Holiday: Wish you would review fist withitn four walls
4 Aug 16, 07:04
Anon: Randomly rereading some of ur reviews... damn i miss all the old dramas
25 Jul 16, 13:56
madibi: Dinner at 8, Presumed Accidents, and Blue Veins
25 Jul 16, 13:54
madibi: Does anyone where I can download some of the newer tvb drama theme songs?
13 Jun 16, 06:21
C: I miss them too!
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