28 May 18, 15:59
Snypiuer: And our deepest thanks and gratitude to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf. May we NEVER forget them, nor take their sacrifice for granted.
28 May 18, 04:22
Zatar: Happy MemorialDay Everyone.
26 May 18, 19:14
Zatar: 😁
25 May 18, 21:40
Snypiuer: Ohhh!!! I see what you mean - NOW the cattle prod makes sense!!!
25 May 18, 20:54
Zatar: Hmmm... Maybe we're lookig at this the wrong way. After all the goal is to get said ne'er-do-well/layabout to Do certian things Then something that serves as a reward might be a better option.
25 May 18, 00:24
Snypiuer: As for the cattle prod...I hear this, aforementioned, recalcitrant ne’er-do-well is a bit off (in a PLETHORA of ways) - I fear a cattle prod wouldn’t be the “deterrent” one would believe it SHOULD be.
24 May 18, 23:52
Snypiuer: If it comes to a beating... I’d say we’re, definitely, looking at a Stewie reminding Brian he wants his money level of beating at the VERY least.
24 May 18, 23:43
Snypiuer: Ummmm.... somewhere around Cthulhu admonishing a recalcitrant Nether beast level of talking to, perhaps?
22 May 18, 04:29
Tzimfemme: How stern the talking-to, on a scale of ineffectual nursery-school teacher to voice-activated robot during a power outage?
20 May 18, 04:52
Zatar: A beating would likely be a waste of time; an electric cattle prod on the other hand...😎 Just a thought. 😎
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