20 May 13, 14:07
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15 Mar 11, 12:36
Graham: Hi Blogwalking visit. Will Missed you
2 Feb 11, 20:18
RedLips: Are visiting me back?
29 Jan 11, 13:03
Royal_Lady: Looking For this while use google thanks friends
18 Apr 07, 09:31
Nanook: ha ha ha! Your blog rules! My cousin Chance does the potty shuffle...we call it the squat and trot. Whoo!
9 Apr 07, 20:35
Sitka: Hey handsome! I just had to try out this little message thingy you have on your blawg! Pretty cool :)
7 Apr 07, 21:22
Waylon: Yay for updates! My momma's been checking your blog too! She says you can't give her a hard time no more! Cya later Seidon!
6 Apr 07, 00:25
Holly: Poseidon!!! Where are you? Are you ok? I'm very worried!
31 Mar 07, 01:48
holly: Poseidon, where are you? I am getting very worried since we haven't heard from you in so long! Please check in so we know you are ok!!!
19 Jan 07, 11:52
Poseidon: Mama took vids and pics on her cell phone of me in the snow, but they won't upload in this area. But SNOW!
19 Jan 07, 11:51
Poseidon: We gots SNOW in Michigan! Hooray!
12 Dec 06, 11:36
Beasley: Tag...your it. CHeck out my blog to see what it means
21 Nov 06, 09:58
Poseidon: Going back to MI today, will blog tomorrow.
17 Nov 06, 14:14
Poseidon: Smooth upgrade to beta? What is this "smooth" referring to? Maybe the way it smoothly manages to mess everything up!
16 Nov 06, 13:17
Raisa: Welcome to Husky Bloggers Ring! Kind Licks :P
4 Nov 06, 20:02
Turbo: Woooo!!!!
10 Oct 06, 23:01
Beasley: New Boxer forum created by Jennifer and Julia at www.boxercrazy.6.forumer.com
10 Oct 06, 17:33
Poseidon: Deleted cookies, logged out and back in, shut down the pc.....nothin
10 Oct 06, 17:33
Poseidon: Haven't been able to post in about 2 hours!
10 Oct 06, 15:27
Beasley: Are you having issues with Boxer-dog?
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