13 Jun 13, 11:27
Download Albums: yo lets exchange links? www.AlbumFiend.com email us
7 Apr 10, 22:51
rudi: lol their cute image also nice ma hahaha... anw i also start to listen to beg and after school liao lol
4 Apr 10, 22:41
`yang: thats better lor. It this was their image when they debut, i wld have been their fan since liao. Yuri is shoooooooo pretty =D
28 Mar 10, 18:00
rudi: hahaha yea man really looong time liao. oh yea man snsd :D
22 Mar 10, 21:10
qihui: hey long tym no contact... omg i'm oso a diehard snsd fan hahax... go watch seohyun we got married...
4 Mar 10, 19:23
rudi: chill yo. just relax and take it easy haha. ive forgotten everything liao
2 Mar 10, 17:33
dingyue: hey sorry rudi..I know I was so damn mean to you. I should not have done it. Was just not myself today
2 Feb 10, 19:44
jack: yea soon... err mayb a yr and a half ltr?
2 Feb 10, 19:44
rudi: [loyi] lol yea at tt point of tym, it wasnt funny at all lol. but come to think back of it, its like a joke haha
31 Jan 10, 18:26
rose: hi jack! see in ntu.. like soon :)
30 Jan 10, 12:21
loyi: CHASED BY 2 DOGS! damm funny. Though prob not at all funny to u lah=X
24 Jan 10, 16:51
rudi: [rs] haha whoops maths fail lol
10 Jan 10, 09:26
risheng: 4 wishes? there's only 3!
27 Dec 09, 10:38
rudi: [rose] well last tym i did censor off and control, but well nw heck it coz its the easiest way to relieve stress LOL
27 Dec 09, 10:37
rudi: ['yang] hmm really? i tot i rmb hearing it somewhere, but anw the nite sky really is quite serene with all the stars. i tink i can even see orion's belt (:
27 Dec 09, 10:35
rudi: [zhilun] srs??? i tot tat for NSmen?
22 Dec 09, 04:17
rose: jack ah ur blog is full of explicit wordings nowadays hahahahahha
21 Dec 09, 19:43
`yang: light pollution...sth new eh..
20 Dec 09, 20:41
zhilun: ippt gold now 400bucks!!
26 Nov 09, 21:41
jiajie: rudi safra on boh???
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