19 May 18, 23:02
Kat: It's possible, megaworthit though I wonder if Haruto would think that Yu'll use it again after he told him that it stinks. Haha, he might just pinch the lovehandle and know it isn't Yu :P
19 May 18, 23:00
Kat: Thanks, Kiki ^-^
19 May 18, 14:53
megaworthit: he will smell that again on a girl whom Kuro will mistakenly think is Yuu , but actually it's the rival
19 May 18, 14:52
megaworthit: continuation : unfortunately, the scent will be used to create a compromising situation between the rival and Kuro . Im sure Kuro will have smelled the scent on Yuu,,, and most likely on a dark night
19 May 18, 14:48
megaworthit: since I am unable to comment on your summaries, I guess this one wil have to do. On Kurosaki's last chapter where some have speculated on the scent of the shampoo that the rival girl uses and unfortu
18 May 18, 05:42
Kiki: Dear Kat, please take care of yourself!! <3 :love:
17 May 18, 13:46
An_1270: Screenshots and short summaries for KOT are also found can be found on this Tumblr page: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/tineechi
16 May 18, 18:37
Kat: Hehe, KrimzonStriker...will work on it next...not feeling too well so it might take a bit longer. :(
16 May 18, 18:36
Kat: :) Jane...which one? I'll work on KoT next.
16 May 18, 18:36
Kat: Yup, Kiki ^^
16 May 18, 18:36
Kat: It's available now, xindee
16 May 18, 18:35
Kat: It's up babi ^^
16 May 18, 07:48
KrimzonStriker: Squeee!! Can't wait for you Kono Oto #69 summary Kat, this is the one I've been waiting for :D
15 May 18, 21:32
Jane: and* sorry for my bad english
15 May 18, 21:32
Jane: I am really thankful for the blog Ane the translation, but I wanna know what they are saying in the new chapter, the full dialogue. Does anyone knows where I may find?
15 May 18, 20:10
Kiki: KoT #69 is also out! ^_^
15 May 18, 17:51
xindee: kurosaki kun no iinari .. chap47 is now out~! Hope the translations will be available soon
15 May 18, 17:17
babi: hello to when 47th chapter of kurosaki kun ?
12 May 18, 21:22
Kat: Thanks for the info, Mey and Lu :thumbsup:
12 May 18, 19:52
Lu: Found another version!!http://m.930mh.com/manhua/3579/466128.html?p=2
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