16 Dec 17, 00:51
zorgi: @Kat also if you don't mind me asking do you know of any sites where i can find japanese raw manga. senmanga isn't having all the chapters of "from five to nine" :/
16 Dec 17, 00:44
zorgi: @Kat ahh i see, whatever the case thanks for your hardwork. I hope you are doing financially good tbh since it sorta feels like you spend lot of time in doing this.
15 Dec 17, 18:26
Kat: break. Currently, it is at chapter 77.
15 Dec 17, 18:26
Kat: Sorry, zorgi, I have no idea. I mean, I depend on Chinese scanlations so if there is no release, there's no summary. It is usually released every month in Japan if the mangaka doesn't go on a
14 Dec 17, 23:30
zorgi: Also thank you for hardwork
14 Dec 17, 23:30
zorgi: Any idea when from five to nine's chapter 73 will come out. btw i am totally new to your site and also new to this manga so i have no idea about it release date and stuff.
14 Dec 17, 22:37
Kat: I see, Black lipstick.
13 Dec 17, 15:17
Black lipstick: I quess crimson flower are a small group
13 Dec 17, 15:16
Black lipstick: Hi kat they said that it was so time consuming and they didnt have any time to do other stuff.
12 Dec 17, 23:41
Kat: Thanks for informing, luna :thumbsup: Will work on it next ^^
12 Dec 17, 23:41
Kat: Hm...Black lipstick, why did they drop it? I browsed through a few chapters but I didn't get into the series.
12 Dec 17, 23:40
Kat: Yes, Ickanela but I don't read webcomics. That is Korean, sorry, I cannot read Korean. Sorry, I don't know of any site except from the usual batoto, mangafox, etc.
12 Dec 17, 23:10
luna: kat, kuro is out!!!enjoy https://disq.us/url?url=https%3A%2F%2Ftieba.baidu.com%2Fp%2F5476349445%3AhEepZlgR1G6YvPRoSuM9SaevCig&cuid=3387816
12 Dec 17, 15:17
Black lipstick: Kat thanjs for looking. Crimson dropped it and im so sad ): you should give it a read as the MC is strong but funny!
12 Dec 17, 14:45
Ickanela: this is the series, hope you can recommend me a site where i can read it in english.
12 Dec 17, 14:44
Ickanela: http://page.kakao.com/home/46908316?categoryUid=10&subCategoryUid=1000&navi=1&inkatalk=0
12 Dec 17, 14:44
Ickanela: Hi Kat!!! Do you also read manhwa? I found an interesting manhwa and a group that translate it but unfortunately they stopped translating the manhwa, so I don't know what happen now to the series.
11 Dec 17, 20:29
Kat: Sorry, Black lipstick, I don't read that series. And, the Chinese is still at chapter 17. ^^;
11 Dec 17, 20:24
Kat: helps ^^
11 Dec 17, 20:24
Kat: the other one, 'please supply commonly used microblog, and at least fill in 30 character or more to explain registration, these are important factors that should be accomplished for audit. Hope that
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