1 Apr 20, 05:51
Guest: I am happy that Kat is still there and doing an awesome job .. thank you for all the years, Kat
23 Mar 20, 14:58
Kat: Ama, thanks for reading. ^^ Yes, I'm still reading and no, it hasn't ended yet.
23 Mar 20, 03:39
Ama: Wow just found your site! Thank you for the Promise Cinderella spoilers! Are you still reading the series? Do you know if its ended yet?
19 Mar 20, 15:44
Kat: Thanks for reading, Rina ^-^
19 Mar 20, 15:44
Kat: that I had to take a break from the series. ^^;
19 Mar 20, 15:43
Kat: relationship. For me, I guess it is the issue of 'to do it or not to do it' which is dragging things. It reminds me of Kimi ni Todoke wherein there's much ado about a kiss...or was it attempted kiss
19 Mar 20, 15:41
Kat: megaworthit, I guess he changed for that amnesia incident. He doesn't want to do things that she doesn't really want to do. The Meiko part is probably a side story to progress the main couple's
19 Mar 20, 10:49
Rina: Skip beat raws! Thanks for the unconfirmed spoilers!
19 Mar 20, 10:49
Rina: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6559755447
15 Mar 20, 17:08
megaworthit: Sakura's presence is merely to drag the story. And now, Meiko. And Tkumi has once again become a side character of no importance.
15 Mar 20, 17:05
megaworthit: Yuus and Harutos relationship has become a bit boring.
15 Mar 20, 17:04
megaworthit: actually, it's boring where a chapter is just full of Yuus thoughts. And now, I think Meiko will have her own arc. I hope not.
15 Mar 20, 17:03
megaworthit: Haruto is like a pendulum. Or neither here nor there.
15 Mar 20, 17:02
megaworthit: But, Haruto avoiding it contradicts his past behavior of sexual harassment when Yuu is not even his girlfriend yet.
15 Mar 20, 17:00
megaworthit: I'm not hoping for sex, don't get me wrong. They are still too young for that.
15 Mar 20, 16:59
megaworthit: A cliffhanger that ends with a small thud.
15 Mar 20, 16:58
megaworthit: Oh, I knew it. a big zero.
15 Mar 20, 14:58
Kat: Yup, it's out, Sofie ^^
15 Mar 20, 14:58
Kat: squeaker, true...so perhaps, they'll keep it secret and keep fans guessing? Some artists do that, right?
13 Mar 20, 18:46
Sofie: Kuro is out! https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6546305323?lp=5028&mo_device=1&is_jingpost=0&pn=0& (though, complete?)
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