21 Feb 19, 16:38
megaworthit: He has never accorded Yu that kind of niceties to her.. it pisses me off. (-.-)
21 Feb 19, 16:35
megaworthit: About Kuro et al.. I think the next chapter wll drive the story in another direction.. I don't know why he's too nice and friendly to Mina
21 Feb 19, 16:32
megaworthit: I'm thinking, maybe Yashiro isn't too keen on Ren having a serious partner?? Managers usually want their guys nice and single. Part of Ren's charm is his single-blessedness. ^^
21 Feb 19, 16:27
megaworthit: French... what he did to Kyouko before was unforgivable, and Kyouko shouldn't forget that, not one bit.
21 Feb 19, 16:26
megaworthit: girls can marry at 16. I guess I really need to start reading again. Though I'm just reading the comments, I feel I know what's going on. About Shou... I still believe he is an a-hole, pardon my
21 Feb 19, 16:20
megaworthit: Eh. Kat, seriously I don't get why Ren's so coy about expressing his feelings for Kyouko. It doesn't make sense. He's an adult, and a very experienced one at that. Kyouko is already 17, and in Japan,
19 Feb 19, 21:16
Kat: Hopefully, it won't go back to square one, emmahoshi. Yup, saw it yesterday.
19 Feb 19, 21:12
Kat: It doesn't help that Kyouko can interact with Shou like that based on the last meeting after everything he did to her. So, ah, why bother expressing/confessing?
19 Feb 19, 21:10
Kat: with many women before can be a 'bad' thing for him. How can he prove that he is serious with her? Fear of rejection?
19 Feb 19, 21:09
Kat: Perhaps, the difference is those others are 'not serious' whereas this is the big real one with Kyouko. Maybe a bit of fear that his suspicions is proven right = she loves Shou. Actually, having slept
19 Feb 19, 21:07
Kat: Yup, megaworthit. It is a possibility and I guess we'll know for sure in the next chapter. For the ending, I'm still 100% sure that it will be Haruto-Yu. I mean, the title is a giveaway.
19 Feb 19, 02:16
emmahoshi: skip beat cliffhanger could either make things go back to square 1 (i hope not) or progress faster whcih i wish would happen, btw kot latest chapter scans are out, thanks as always
18 Feb 19, 16:54
megaworthit: Ren has already slept with so many women before..
18 Feb 19, 16:53
megaworthit: I mean, what the heck!
18 Feb 19, 16:53
megaworthit: About Skip Beat.. I don't understand anymore Ren's coyness in expressing his feelings for Kyoko.
18 Feb 19, 16:35
megaworthit: Well, I guess not.. I assume you've seen the live action?
18 Feb 19, 16:35
megaworthit: Is there a tiny, tiny bit of possibilty of a possible break-up and there will be an unintentional change of relationships? I am 99% sure of aHaruto-Yu ending.. but now, there's a 1% chance ...
18 Feb 19, 16:32
megaworthit: And now the mask.. while before, Haruto has always been nasty to Yu.. and it hasn't actually changed.. there's still that nasty side of Haruto towards Yu.
18 Feb 19, 16:31
megaworthit: I'd like to assume that it will be Mina who's by Haruto's side when things happen. It also pisses me off that Haruto is always kind to Mina, to the poit that he'swilling to kiss her at one time. And
18 Feb 19, 16:29
megaworthit: I think it is significant that Haruto throws away Yu's hairclip, while Takumi gives it back and places it on Yu's hair. It is also significant that Mina is not present when Yu goes away with Takumi
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