23 Apr 19, 04:16
megaworthit: Kat, I just read your vacay message..... Holly Molly ! ! You did find yourself in a very, very, precarious situation... being checked for explosive ?????
23 Apr 19, 03:56
megaworthit: At least that's what I hope it means.
23 Apr 19, 03:55
megaworthit: Haruto calling Yuu's parents to inform them about Yuu's situation is a nice touch by the author. It's a very positive sign that Haruto already considers himself part of Yuu's family ...
20 Apr 19, 20:02
me: I'm so excited with this new approach, it's gonn be tough . But I hope Kuro doesn't give up, orhe's a dumbass
20 Apr 19, 19:54
megaworthit: I hope Takumi continuous to advise Haruto to treat Yuu nicely, and not take advantage of Haruto's natural grumpy and cold personality
20 Apr 19, 19:51
megaworthit: maybe Haruto will now try to re- install the relationship between him and Yuu ? Or maybe Mina will try to get in the way by telling bad things againts Haruto to Yuu
20 Apr 19, 19:47
megaworthit: On the positive side, the author did not dilly dally and immediately had the relationship revealed to Yu. Another positive aspect of this is ...
20 Apr 19, 19:43
megaworthit: Whoa ! I can't believe the author has actually used the amnesia subplot ! This can potentially change the whole dynamic of Yu's and Kuro's relatioship
16 Apr 19, 16:28
me: hum, I'm going to recap that now. about Ren, my my problem is the mangaka, not the story. She does great stuff bu when Will This Sory Finally Reach the Expected Month of Truth... Geez!
16 Apr 19, 16:27
me: i don't agree. Takumi obviously said this was the 1st time Kuro was acting this way towards a girl,being possessive an stuff. I don't the middle school incident has to directly related to this?
16 Apr 19, 06:31
rocio: HEEEYY does anyone know where can I at least watch the raw pages of the new Kurosaki kun chapter 55? PLEASE!
15 Apr 19, 05:19
^^: kat is on vacation until the 21st ?Right?
13 Apr 19, 03:07
maika-sama: i think there is some page missing
13 Apr 19, 00:39
Sarah: I have no freakin' clue what they are saying and I can't wait for Kat's amazing job <3
13 Apr 19, 00:39
Sarah: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/6099215626 FINALLY THE CHAPTER IS HERE PEOPLE <3
12 Apr 19, 22:40
^^: https://tw.manhuagui.com/comic/11730/176821.html
12 Apr 19, 22:40
^^: to make you wait
12 Apr 19, 22:39
^^: it's an extra chapter from the book 1 of kuro
12 Apr 19, 22:39
^^: https://tw.manhuagui.com/comic/11730/149730.html#p=1
12 Apr 19, 22:38
Maika-sama: @babi, no
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