18 Aug 17, 04:12
KrimzonStriker: Kono Oto 61 has dropped Kat, looking forward to it :D
14 Aug 17, 20:11
Kat: Thanks, Mari. :) I guess the other site was requested to remove it.
14 Aug 17, 01:10
Mari: You're right from my laptop, I can't see it, nut from my phone I'm able to see the link. 🤔🤔 but I got this link that works on my pchttp://tw.ikanman.com/comic/11730/316254.html
13 Aug 17, 15:25
Kat: your side?
13 Aug 17, 15:25
Kat: Thanks for the info, Mari :) Unfortunately, it seems that the site has been blocked 'for policy reasons, comics is blocked please support official manga publication'. Can you still see it from
13 Aug 17, 15:24
Kat: Thanks for the info, anom :thumbsup:
13 Aug 17, 15:23
Kat: Unfortunately, Forgettable, I cannot quite recall summarizing it. ^^; The one which seems similar to it is Kurobara Alice.
13 Aug 17, 09:55
Mari: Kuro's chapter out here http://m.pufei.net/manhua/202/82498.html?af=2
13 Aug 17, 03:47
anom: kuro out! https://tieba.baidu.com/p/5268972719
12 Aug 17, 23:14
Forgettable:-:: the two MCs were placed under a curse by the antagonist. That's all I can remember, sadly ;-;
12 Aug 17, 23:13
Forgettable:-:: I think I read the updates on your site; I remember I would go on your blog and read manga on here.
12 Aug 17, 23:12
Forgettable:-:: Hey, Kat! I'm trying to catch up on a manga, and I forgot what the name was ^^;; I was wondering if you could refresh my memory. I believe it was about two people who died and then reincarnated.
6 Aug 17, 19:30
Kat: Thanks for reading them, Anonymous one ^-^
4 Aug 17, 23:58
Anonymous one: Hi, I am really grateful to you, cause I could read the chapters earlier than update.
30 Jul 17, 21:03
Kat: Anonymous, the Chinese scanlation is just out. I'll work on it next.
30 Jul 17, 13:53
Anonymous: How's namikizakari updating....is the next chapter released
29 Jul 17, 21:22
Kat: Thanks for reading them, grateful_anon ^-^
29 Jul 17, 12:36
grateful_anon: thank you for creating this blog and all your efforts in summarizing
28 Jul 17, 17:34
Kat: I would really want to roll up a newspaper and hit Aki with it = won't have the same problems if Yuuma is the bf. :P
28 Jul 17, 17:33
Kat: Lily, it is because Yuuma has 'lost' and he is the sole reason why I was summarizing it. ^^; The rest of the story is mostly about Aki and Tsubasa getting together...most of the time,
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