17 Jul 19, 22:17
Kat: Hehe, let's just wait for the next chapter to form better speculations ^^
17 Jul 19, 22:15
Kat: That's what's strange, megaworthit. Why didn't they go to the dorm first and get his stuff? We don't know how far their house is from the dorm.
17 Jul 19, 19:41
me: He can affect Yu (pardon)
17 Jul 19, 19:40
me: pisses me this much. argh
17 Jul 19, 19:40
me: geez! I really don't like Takumi now. It's a bit stupid but he's the only one who can affect the relationship because he can't affect Yu, that's why he's pissing me of. Not even Mina or Hino guy
17 Jul 19, 13:17
megaworthit: over the couple...... Haruto's already realized his feelings...... so that's done.... character development is on-going.... this amenisa thing is just setting everything back .
17 Jul 19, 13:13
megaworthit: Well, @me... I'm with you there..... I hope the amnesia thing doesn't last long.... however, we still have to find out what mischief Takumi will pull
17 Jul 19, 13:07
megaworthit: Okay, I don't want to waste your space here on speculations. lol
17 Jul 19, 13:06
megaworthit: I'm also guessing Haruto cannot stay at his father's home ... maybe there's no one there , and Takumi 's aware of the situation ?
17 Jul 19, 13:04
megaworthit: during the entire summer break might help Yuu remember. Perhaps Takumi has cut the connection to prevent Haruto from spending the summer break with him...
17 Jul 19, 13:02
megaworthit: I don't think Haruto will spend the summer break at his father's..... him staying at Yuu's is a new plotline. I'm assumimg Hauto's presence
17 Jul 19, 05:36
me: understand some words.
17 Jul 19, 05:36
me: it's not precise and might not/will not depict the nuances their writing is telling, so, I think that's the only case. But I'm on the "lucky" side as my first language is also latim derived so I can
17 Jul 19, 05:34
me: where you are welcomed. And I had the opportunity to chat a bit with them. One of them clearly said to me that it was hard for her to communicate in English. Yes,that's always google translation but
17 Jul 19, 05:33
me: I do enjoy seeing their comments here, shows diversity and interest. I like knowing there's italian girls here, in Kats blogs. Makes me happy for them and Kat also. I think it's nice to find a place
17 Jul 19, 05:32
me: I'm excited for the next episode. Oh man, please let it over in the next 2 chapters. Unless the mangakas purpose is too explore Yu/Haruto surroundings, personalities, reactions. Then we must wait.
17 Jul 19, 05:30
me: I bet it confuses her, having to restudy everything.
17 Jul 19, 03:43
megaworthit: I wonder if her amnesia affects her school studies.
17 Jul 19, 03:38
megaworthit: If Takumi's not available, Haruto can always get his stuff from the dorm. I'm sure Mom-im-law would be tickled pink to have him staying with them.
17 Jul 19, 03:35
megaworthit: I guess it's my computer, then. The options feature is completely blank.
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