18 Oct 17, 20:44
Kat: Poyui, I'm still waiting for the Chinese scanlation for it.
18 Oct 17, 20:43
Kat: Sorry, I don't quite like it, Jed. Actually, I'm currently full and a bit behind that I might drop one series that has gotten far behind. ^^;
18 Oct 17, 20:42
Kat: Thanks for reading them, elena ^-^
17 Oct 17, 22:49
Poyui: What happened with Kono oto Tomare?
17 Oct 17, 20:12
Jed: awww... how about this please do this one "Gozen 0-ji, Kiss Shi ni Kite yo" >_<
17 Oct 17, 01:50
elena: i want to say thank you to Kat for your efforts in translating Namaikizakari.
17 Oct 17, 01:48
elena: hello
16 Oct 17, 22:14
Kat: Yes, Sofie.
16 Oct 17, 17:48
Jual Rumah Banda Aceh: https://plus.google.com/117263640718593405321
16 Oct 17, 06:45
Sofie: Hello everyone! I understand that this month we will not have a Kurosaki-kun.... new chapter, right? (next month we will)
15 Oct 17, 22:08
Kat: Lina, if you mean Hachimitsu ni Hatsukoi, sorry I've lost interest in it so I won't be updating it anymore.
15 Oct 17, 22:05
Kat: Ah, yes, the series is ending soon.
15 Oct 17, 22:05
Kat: From the scanlators, it is currently at chapter 88. Sorry, no. I think the English scanlation group working on it is quite fast.
15 Oct 17, 22:01
Kat: ickanela, I have browsed through it...only the latter chapters out of curiosity since I always saw it before in Chinese sites even if I don't have much of an idea what's exactly going on. ^^;
13 Oct 17, 21:05
Lina: Pliss More
13 Oct 17, 21:04
lina: Plis Update more honey
13 Oct 17, 00:38
ickanela: I found a chinese trans here http://www.517kk.cc/intro/19195.htm... but i cant understand chinese. do you know any site where i can find english translation?
13 Oct 17, 00:34
ickanela: I actually wanted to know how many chapter does the series right now?
13 Oct 17, 00:33
ickanela: Kat, do you read this manhwa Bameur Geonneun Seonbi?
12 Oct 17, 23:56
Jual Rumah Banda Aceh: https://www.facebook.com/jualrumahbandaacehkota/
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