12 Feb 08, 15:07
Kory Johnson: Thanks, Ben!!!
31 Jan 08, 19:53
Ben Kramer: Great blog site Kory !!!
2 Nov 07, 06:38
Kory Johnson: Turion61, You are what's wrong with America. People like you make life harder for poor people and people in unfortunate conditions. By the way, consevatism is racism and colonialism. Whomever is reading comment should know that you are the prime example of the "American Monster."
30 Oct 07, 03:25
Turion61: People like you just need to commit suicide. Rather than pray for our leaders, as God instructs/commands us to do, you simply whine, bitch and moan.
26 Jul 07, 00:00
Raymond.Williams: Hey.Cory.i.can't.wait.to.see.u.again.have.our.famous.talks
5 Apr 07, 00:51
hana: hey... abt your qn, did you mean how to change your blog template designs? if yes, you can actually go to this site, www.blogskins.com for blog template designs... i hope i answered your qn(:
5 Apr 07, 00:49
hana: hey... abt your qn, did you mean
7 Mar 07, 11:13
Kory Johnson: Yes, I'm still working at the homeless shelter! Raymond, you take care of yourself, alright. And thank you for checking on me!
27 Feb 07, 17:08
raymond Williams: hey cory, how r u i am living in minneapolis mn i hope u r doing good tell me did u get a now job yet do u still at the harmony house
13 Jan 07, 11:34
Kory Johnson: Thanks, Tim! And, as a matter of fact, I want to thank all of you for your support. Moreover, If you all have any questions of any kind, feel free to ask me.
12 Jan 07, 07:19
tim: I think people are so busy in their lives that they do not see what's going on. Thanks for making it easier for us .
30 Nov 06, 10:34
Lee Konkler: Way to go Kory, keep exclaiming the message of the truth. Let our fellow Americans really know what is going on in our government and the world.
30 Nov 06, 07:46
Ruthie: Hey remember me? Where are you? Are you going update your blog? I want to add it to my blog. Get back with me. My email addy is at the top of the page in my blog.
29 Nov 06, 17:28
wheelwolf: I argee with kory. i am coming back to ohio. can u hold onto my ssi chaeck? what do u think about the voting that went on this year?
28 Oct 06, 23:54
Kory Johnson: Thanks for your support, Kamenwati. And your support is what I need to carry on my fight for true freedom.
28 Oct 06, 22:57
kamenwati: maat hotep some will never see or hear the plain truth . please do not stop fighting . if you are angered by a wrong done you by another,lean not towards remembering it,but towards righteousness in doing MAAT . ASE ! HOTEP
17 Oct 06, 09:35
Kory Johnson: :P: We all should go back to our land of orgin and give this land back to the people who rightfully owned it!
16 Oct 06, 09:49
guest: if you do not like the american govt., then please leave and enjoy you time away. just remember, whereever you go, if you talk shit about that govt., you will probably be jailed...i mean enslaved!
30 Sep 06, 11:15
Kory Johnson: Come on, let's talk about some political issues.
25 Sep 06, 13:11
Kory Johnson: :furious: The U.S. Government is the most low-down government in the world and most people know that. Just like we all know that America and Israel are one of the same. Now, lie on that!