10 Nov 13, 03:02
sofia: hi, cantiknya blog awak, saya suka sangat. jom singgah saya pula :)
29 Oct 13, 01:13
iklankerja.my: iklankan kerja kosong disini.percuma!
22 Oct 13, 00:17
iklansticky: kami sedia membayar komisyen tanpa pelawat membuat pembelian. rogram pay per click paling sempoi.
13 Oct 13, 10:21
percuma: ruang iklan percuma untuk diisi segera. iklan anda pasti mendapat perhatian kerana kami sedang mempromosi web secara besar-besaran.
25 Jun 13, 14:00
chef rara: tip meat products processing from me :)
28 Dec 11, 15:33
Polayre: Your Blog is Beautiful
21 Dec 11, 08:31
Weres: Blogwalking before i sleep
5 Jun 07, 15:52
Scooter: ((((((((Coffee)))))))) Oh sweet girl o' mine!! How are you and I hope your condo is going to be closer to the house I live in (hope against hope) and then you and I could go on a reeeeeal date!!
21 May 07, 20:52
Coffee: Scooter! What a surprise--the move. Are you are exploring every new corner? My mom is talking about using all my zealies and food money to buy a condo. We'll chat later. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
8 May 07, 16:34
Scooter: (((Coffee)))...My Mom and Dad moved. I haven't been able to get online to visit with you!! My Mom says she'll email your Mom!!
25 Mar 07, 22:02
Coffee: Hi Scooter! I stopped by your page to see your smiling,handsome face! purrrs
15 Feb 07, 00:16
Scooter: Uh..........no...I don't think so.
14 Feb 07, 01:42
ari_1965: dogs are far superior to cats, so there, infinity
5 Jan 07, 01:34
Scooter: Yeah...but was there leftover turkey??
5 Jan 07, 01:32
Shelley: Happy 2007 Everyone!!
25 Dec 06, 03:40
Shelley: Merry Christmas from Scooter and Cricket!!!!! :biggrin:
22 Dec 06, 17:17
Shelley: My pleasure Maxie!! He's quite the boy, isn't he?? Right now he's sleeping away in the window...just waiting for Christmas. :biggrin:
22 Dec 06, 17:12
Maxie: Thanks. Shelley. I'm here reading again and laughing my butt off. :heart:
11 Dec 06, 02:05
Shelley: If you're checking in Erik...hello!!
9 Dec 06, 21:12
Shelley: Hi Sarah!
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