15 Sep 19, 19:08
Miranda: I like to order the Colonize Doraemon hoodie and ship it to Canada. How much is the shipping cost?Can I pay by Visa?
26 Dec 16, 17:50
elliott v: Hello, i wanted to purchase a doraemon colonize hoodie. im in the us however. I wanted to know how long would the delivery time be?
19 Oct 16, 13:22
Haylee pond: Hi, I accidentally made a cash on order, order for a Doraemon hoodie by colonize. I didn't want to order it. I wanted to see the price and I accidentally clicked the button. I need this cancelleplease
21 Aug 15, 09:01
TomyBanks: ...how I play all games with an low speed PC... https://goo.gl/bYqQ3k
12 Jan 15, 02:55
KarriT: nice nice ncie http://x.co/6Ahjy
9 Jan 15, 22:28
Elisha Yun: hello. I have ordered two colonize hoodies. However, i want to cancel the orders. Could please help me? Thank You.
3 Oct 13, 13:51
Jae: For the COLONIZE hoodie, is that pre order or in stock? and what is total price to order?
20 Nov 12, 04:27
PasserBuys: [Noor]
14 Nov 12, 06:57
noor: just wanted to ask im from the uk and wanted to place a order of one rilakumma plush iphone case, do you have in stock still??
12 Oct 12, 00:35
PasserBuys: [XingRou]
please email us thanks

depends. Please email us thanks :)
18 Sep 12, 16:57
Xingrou: Okay sure will give it a thought :) do you supply?
15 Sep 12, 02:13
Charlyn: Hi, can we pay by sending u a cheque?
11 Sep 12, 10:31
Passerbuys: [Xing Rou]
hello, nope. Can choose to pre-order it.
11 Sep 12, 08:31
Xing Rou: Except those * ?
11 Sep 12, 08:31
Xing Rou: Any other instocks except t
28 Aug 12, 02:58
PasserBuys: [Guest]
Nope, no caps is needed. Waiting time around 1-3 weeks
27 Aug 12, 03:38
Guest: I mean for the porter backpacks :)
26 Aug 12, 10:23
Guest: How long is the waiting time? :) any caps needed?
22 Aug 12, 23:35
PasserBuys: [Xingrou]
Yes pre-order is available. We do have some instocks. Do check it out !
19 Aug 12, 00:33
Xingrou: Hi, is the porter backpack still available?
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