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25/11/09 01:09 PM
elmo: sayang baby! We will get good grades!
10/12/09 02:09 AM
Ruiming: Hahaha. Sorry ar.. Have to let you carry two cello. ._.
10/12/09 07:50 AM
Damo: nah, iis ok..
10/12/09 07:50 AM
Damo: its*
15/01/10 12:22 AM
bman/adrian: sup... how u doing
16/01/10 10:46 PM
Hi: Hi how was MDC like? dunno if i should try out for it
28/01/10 05:56 PM
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10/02/10 09:07 AM
Damo->HI: ya, its good. =).
11/03/10 05:56 PM
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08/11/10 05:00 PM
Christina: hey your monkey-pig blogskin is so cute ^__^
03/03/11 05:36 PM
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15/02/12 04:31 AM
eryn: Best wishes for u:)follow me:)
08/07/12 07:43 PM
bloggerboy: jom download movie dan games xde limit:)
09/07/12 12:43 AM
Sheila: kita nak kongsi nk bagi unlimited bband nie :D
13/07/12 01:53 AM
qmaths: jom belajar math :) best :D
06/09/12 11:30 PM
pn nana: awk ada keje x?
14/05/13 09:26 PM
abang gadget: mari singgah abg jual powerbank murah2 ni :)
30/06/13 10:20 PM
abg superman: cara buat pemegang handphone guna garpu je beb :D