14 Aug 09, 14:09
ME: I'm back!!!
16 Jul 09, 15:52
kiddragon: hmm what happened no blog since 10/08
7 May 08, 12:50
oakley: Brandon is heading to Indy late June. I might join him for the weekend. What's YOUR plan?
14 Feb 08, 13:20
veen: happy Valentin's Day ja
11 Feb 08, 13:24
veen: Hey, Pond... belated Happy Birthday.
9 Jan 08, 19:14
Jay: What's going on?
29 Sep 07, 17:03
ME: p'Veena: I was just about to email and ask you how it goes. Any pics from it?
29 Sep 07, 17:02
ME: YES, Michelle and I wish you were there! How's baby # 2?
29 Sep 07, 11:27
veen: Hey, Pond... just to let you know that the blog party is okay. miss u though.
28 Sep 07, 13:07
Michelle: Hi Pond! Sounds like you had a fun trip home!
4 Sep 07, 13:57
veen: Cool. will wait then. If you call just shout Pond... u know- am stalked!
3 Sep 07, 04:13
ME: P'Veena: I will call soon. I've been trying to spend lots of time with my parents so they are sick of me...hahahahaha
1 Sep 07, 14:30
veen: Pond...hope u get my No. pls call anytime. Am going to town tomorrow.. if u free ja
11 Aug 07, 15:31
veen: don't u know I'm always 'available' - j/k.. sure, we will meet. z u soon ja.
10 Aug 07, 21:47
ME: I will be in BKK on August 30. Definitely want to meet you. I will be there until September 23. Are you gonna be available?
10 Aug 07, 15:18
veen: Pond, when exactly u come to Bkk? have a chance to meet me. miss u. p'veena
3 Aug 07, 19:39
25 Jul 07, 11:56
p'pung: got your message fromhi5. Sure we'll meet when you're here. Just give me a call.
12 May 07, 10:14
Pond: Will do p'Veena
8 May 07, 12:31
veen: why not! yes I do. please send anything u have. i know u have great stuff:-)
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