4 Jun 13, 16:55
Fiona: My son's off to college and I have over 7000 learning resources to share with homeschoolers. Go to www.lesson-library.com. Enjoy!
29 Nov 11, 22:03
dadyG: Menarik post u ni :) Tapi kenala promote banyak2 biar org tau. Klo tak syok sendiri je la nanti :)
1 Nov 11, 15:14
Ducati2011: Meluat aku masuk sini!
25 Oct 11, 19:27
Rafi: Nice blog :) care to visit mine?
19 Jul 11, 00:43
ailing: hey mel! Welcome! We'll arrange for a skype soon ya?
18 Jul 11, 11:32
meltoh: I found your blog!!!! going to link it.... let's skype!!! I want to see Levi!!:)
14 Jul 11, 20:40
ailing: pris: ha! yes thanks to James for fixing my com, so much easier to blog now. Preaching in Chinese was a miracle. Really God's grace!
14 Jul 11, 07:47
Pris: Wow, you managed to preach in chinese! Awesome stuff! I haven't tried that in German yet.
14 Jul 11, 07:40
Pris: WOW!!!! New photos!!!! So nice!!!
10 Jul 11, 18:33
ailing: hi ann! greetings from S'p :) how long are you guys in Switzerland?
7 Jul 11, 00:51
ann kipfer-ho: hi guys, greetings fr switzerland. levi is SO CUTE!!!
21 Jun 11, 10:48
Ailing: hahaha... It's super comical. Rem how laoshe confiscated my mag? Sigh... She'll be so proud of me.
19 Jun 11, 23:03
jodie: Hey! Levi is so cute la! KW and I have a theory, it's our diet (the french and NZ) that we eat that makes our babies so bak bak and love to eat. Am still trying to imagine you teach in Chinese....
19 Jun 11, 07:58
Mummy: Its so wonderul to know that both u and James are teaching applying in what you hv done in FMS in NZ esp doing it in Chinese lang. Praise God.Looking foward to see u all.
17 Jun 11, 04:05
Pris: Hey Ailing! Enjoy yourselves in China! Praying for you all!
20 May 11, 18:40
ailing: wl: ya I feel a bit funny too... pls send my regards to pp on the base. Queenstown is beautiful. must save $$ and come before you leave NZ for good :)
18 May 11, 18:40
wan lin: you r missed already... something just not the same without you guys... I will be heading back to SG... so I'll see you guys back home!!
17 May 11, 06:01
ailing: hey pris, you enjoying your time in S'p? Queenstown is BEAUTIFUL! The photos don't do it justice. Ya can't wait to get back to S'p too!
16 May 11, 11:14
Pris: What gorgeous gorgeous photos!!!! :) I know how tough gdbyes can be. There's a LOT of ppl waiting to see u all again here! (If that helps) ;)
24 Apr 11, 18:08
ailing: pris: Will update you when we meet up! :)
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