4 Jun 14, 17:32
Stefania: Can I have your direct email to ask for a quote?
19 Apr 12, 19:57
m|sty: tats ALOT of bread...they look really gd though
17 Apr 12, 15:44
evinrude: haha yay!
17 Apr 12, 14:47
dan: congrats! yay to to bread rising! lol-ed at the roti prata and siew pau part!
28 Mar 12, 23:18
dan: yam cheesecake sounds a tad too heavy! but i would wanna sample that nevertheless ;p
25 Feb 12, 14:21
evinrude: never made orh nee before but i dont think its very difficult, just troublesome. mmm i've seen that recipe before but wasn't quite interested in orh nee cheesecake
19 Feb 12, 20:28
lestat: do u noe how to make orh nee (yam paste)? like yam cheesecake? this recipe looks so good but i dunno where got sell yam cheesecake http://www.maameemoomoo.com/blog/2011/02/27/orh-nee-cheesecake/
24 Jan 12, 16:58
dan: ahhh didn't know there was such a thing!
24 Jan 12, 12:46
evinrude: Hrmm not sure but its the elements. So this year its water.
23 Jan 12, 18:29
dan: happy cny btw!
23 Jan 12, 18:29
dan: why is it water dragon?
22 Jan 12, 10:45
evinrude: haha thanks
15 Jan 12, 21:44
lestat: zomg happy belated! =x
24 Dec 11, 23:08
evinrude: haha merry christmas!! actually i dont remember what i made at all (did i even?) haha it was fun but after that we got too busy heh
24 Dec 11, 22:54
dan: merry xmas mel! that's really sweet! i miss your hand made gifts! rmb how we were supposed to make handmade gifts for each other during the annual xmas party? lol. that was lotsa good fun.
7 Dec 11, 16:53
dan: yeah i thought i would get a bad stomach or sth but turned out fine!
4 Dec 11, 16:46
evinrude: haha yes! i've seen such things before but i'm worried i'll kill someone. now i'm so addicted to making bread though!
4 Dec 11, 12:12
dan: try search for 天然酵母パン or 天然酵母液 on cookpad =)
4 Dec 11, 12:10
dan: turned out a lil hard but the fact that i made bread using home grown yeast was satisfying in itself haha. and growing them is fun! youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-GmnAD4J7E
4 Dec 11, 12:09
dan: no no! i blogged about it before 2 years ago haha. tried baking with natural yeast, aka growing them using fruit peel etc.
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